CREHST Museum closing for good on Friday via KEPRTV

The history of Hanford and the CREHST Museum means a lot to Trisha Pritikin. She has a long line of family members who worked at the site.

“Today I met a man who worked for my dad so there’s really important connections here for me, and I’m sitting next to a picture of an F House, and I grew up in a F House and this is sort of like my history here,” she said.

Trisha has since moved to California. But came back to see the museum once more before it closes Friday.

“I needed to come here and I have several times to understand the process that created the radionuclides that were released and why they were released and what sort of health impacts I should look for and that won’t be there in the new museum, so I’m sad about that, that’s a loss.”
“When you’ve gone through something like people like me or other downwinders have gone through, where we’ve lost family members, lost our own health, you need to understand why it happened, and you need to come back and see the pictures, so the pictures you have in your mind you know are real. This was really a place, I really grew up there and this stuff really happened,” said Pritikin.

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