Finland: Nuclear power plant to use Russian via Eye on the Arctic

A nuclear power plant slated to be built on Finland’s west coast would source its fuel from Russia, the contractor says.

The value of a 10-year deal to fuel the planned Fennovoima plant would be 450 million euros, according to a statement published on Monday by TVEL. It is a subsidiary of the Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom.

Fennovoima, a consortium of Finnish utilities and industrial manufacturers, last year signed a deal with Rosatom to build the nation’s third nuclear power plant. The decision was seen as a cost-cutting move after the project’s main backer, the German utility E.ON, pulled out of the deal.

TVEL says it will mine the uranium itself and process it into nuclear fuel. The company also has a nuclear waste processing facility in Siberia. However under Finnish law, all nuclear waste must be disposed of within the country.

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County Governor of Finnmark, Gunnar Kjønnøy, rejects all claims of confusion in Russian financial statements. A new audit examination of Norway’s spending on replacement of nuclear lighthouses beat off earlier questions raised by Russian Accounts Chambers.

It was in October last year, BarentsObserver reported about the review where Russian Accounts Chambers raised several questions on the accuracy of the accountings.


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