The Real Risks at Oi via SimplyInfo

The research team has been busy looking into the newly claimed safety efforts at the Oi nuclear plant in Japan. The Prime Minister and Fukui governor have given their approval to restart units 3 & 4 at Oi, ending Japan’s days of being nuclear free. Though Japan has been largely nuclear free for months as most reactors have been offline for an extended period of time. The reactors at Oi have been offline between 6 months to 1 year. KEPCO is now trying to rush the restart of unit 3 to a short few weeks. The longer a reactor is offline the more work is involved in restarting it.

Oi has a number of known issues and past safety problems that have not been resolved. The plant’s siting and design create a number of inherent risks. The safety upgrades are all illusion intended to give the public a false sense of safety while the powers that be in Japan go right back to business as usual gambling with the lives and livelihoods of everyone.

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