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Radioactive Legacy, Part 2: Danger in the mines via Rapid City Journal

[…] The mining industry temporarily boosted the local economy, lined the pockets of faraway executives and helped keep the federal government stocked with uranium, the key ingredient in the country’s Cold War buildup of nuclear weapons. But throughout Edgemont’s mining … Continue reading

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Radioactive Legacy, Part 1 of a Journal special report: A yellowcake gold rush via Rapid City Journal

Four million tons of radioactive waste are buried under a grassy field three miles southeast of Edgemont in far southwestern South Dakota. North of Edgemont, two massive abandoned mines, the biggest measuring about a mile across, scar the range land. … Continue reading

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The U.S. relies on foreign uranium, enrichment services to fuel its nuclear power plants via U.S. Energy Information Administration

Owners and operators of U.S. commercial nuclear power reactors buy uranium in various forms as well as enrichment services from other countries. U.S. nuclear plants purchased 58 million pounds of uranium in 2012 from both domestic and foreign suppliers; 83% … Continue reading

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