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US to drill 5-km-deep borehole in test for radioactive waste storage via Global Construction Review

The US will drill a borehole more than 16,000 feet (4.8km) into rock in North Dakota to test a new method proposed by UK researchers for storing radioactive waste. Proponents of the method insist it could solve a problem that … Continue reading

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Two Nuclear Weapons Labs Accidentally Spilled Bomb Secrets for Years via Center for Public Integrity

he Obama administration levied fines totaling nearly $1 million this week against two of the nation’s nuclear weapons laboratories, mostly for failing to keep track of classified materials and for repeatedly disclosing information related to nuclear weapons design in public … Continue reading

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How I Dismantled the World’s Deadliest Weapon via Discover magazine

Phil Hoover is in the bomb business. But these days he’s a bomb unbuilder, eliminating nukes to comply with arms treaties. by Phil Hoover, as told to Michael Rosenwald; 
illustration by Zina SaundersFrom the March 2012 issue; published online February … Continue reading

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