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Laid-up nuclear submarines at Rosyth and Devonport cost £16m via BBC

[…] Nuclear graveyards No site has been agreed to take the radioactive reactors Devonport has 12 submarines: four defueled, eight with fuel Rosyth has seven submarines, all defueled The oldest submarine is HMS Dreadnought in Rosyth, decommissioned in 1980 The … Continue reading

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Sunken Soviet Submarines Threaten Nuclear Catastrophe in Russia’s Arctic via The Moscow Times

While Russia’s nuclear bombers have recently set the West abuzz by probing NATO’s air defenses, a far more certain danger currently lurks beneath the frigid Arctic waters off Russia’s northern coast — a toxic boneyard for Soviet nuclear ships and reactors whose containment systems are gradually wearing out. … Continue reading

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Highly Enriched Danger via The New York Times

By ALAN J. KUPERMAN and FRANK N. VON HIPPEL The first two summits played a critical role in phasing out the use of highly enriched uranium as fuel in research reactors to prevent its misuse by states or terrorists to … Continue reading

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Decision to test the dismantling of nuclear submarines in Rosyth ‘right’ via The Courier.UK

A proposal to put the dismantling of redundant nuclear submarines to the test at Rosyth in Fife is the “right decision”, the local MP Thomas Docherty has said. Defence Minister Philip Dunne has announced that redundant nuclear submarine dismantling would … Continue reading

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HMS Tireless returns to Plymouth after reactor leak via BBC News

The Devon-based submarine HMS Tireless has returned to Plymouth after a leak in its nuclear reactor. The Royal Navy said the small leak of coolant was contained within the reactor compartment of the Trafalgar-class hunter-killer vessel. The navy said that … Continue reading

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Beyond Nuclear Denial via Mother Jones

There was a time when nuclear weapons were a significant part of our national conversation. Addressing the issue of potential atomic annihilation was once described by nuclear theorist Herman Kahn as “thinking about the unthinkable,” but that didn’t keep us … Continue reading

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Nuclear submarine fire figures revealed via BBC

There have been 266 fires on nuclear submarines in the past 25 years, the Ministry of Defence has revealed. The incidents included 74 on ballistic missile submarines. Three happened while the vessels were in naval bases; one of these was … Continue reading

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Russian nuclear submarine catches fire at dockyard via Reuters

(Reuters) – A fire broke out aboard a Russian nuclear submarine during repair work at a shipyard on Thursday but emergency officials said radiation levels were normal. A navy spokesman said all the weapons had been removed from the Yekaterinburg … Continue reading

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Analysis: Brazil goes nuclear B via Global Post

It’s a British admiral’s nightmare scenario: In the not too distant future, a nearly bankrupt Argentine government invades the oil-rich Falkland Islands. For the second time in half a century, Las Malvinas — the islands all of Latin America regard … Continue reading

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