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Texas Nuclear Power Plants Seek New Workforce via The Texas Tribune

PALACIOS — At first glance, the large, framed photo hanging on a wall at the state’s largest nuclear power plant seems to tell a simple story. About 200 smiling men and women stand in block formation behind a long-stretching banner … Continue reading

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New-Build Nuclear Is Dead: Morningstar via Forbes

Nuclear reactors are not a viable source of new power in the West, Morningstar analysts conclude in a report this month to institutional investors. Nuclear’s “enormous costs, political and popular opposition, and regulatory uncertainty” render new reactors infeasible even in regions … Continue reading

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These 3 States Love Nuclear via The Motley Fool

[…] The top three nuclear states The state with by far the most nuclear capacity is Illinois with 11.5 GW out of 43.8 GW of capacity, or 26% of the power available in the state. The area around Chicago is … Continue reading

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New Centralized Nuclear Plants: Still an Investment Worth Making? via Forbes

Just a few years ago, the US nuclear renaissance seemed at hand. It probably shouldn’t have been. Cost overruns from Finland to France to the US were already becoming manifest, government guarantees were in doubt, and shale gas drillers were … Continue reading

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At 90, an Environmentalist From the ’70s Still Has Hope via The New York Times

Q. What do you think of the debate over the extent to which humans are primarily responsible for global warming? A. No one in his right mind would deny that we’re getting warmer. The question is, is this due to … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power’s Death Somewhat Exaggerated via The New York Times

NUCLEAR energy is going through an odd patch. It refuses to die, but it does not prosper. This is how modest the nuclear industry’s prospects now look: Senator Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican who has called for building 100 reactors … Continue reading

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