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Spineless attacks on nuclear power plants could increase via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Nuclear power plants increasingly face a new enemy: the humble jellyfish. These aquatic animals—and algae and other plants—get caught in and block the cooling water intake pipes of nuclear power plants, preventing nuclear reactors from getting the huge amount of … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Invasion Forces EON to Shut Down Swedish Nuclear Plant via Bloomberg

EON SE shut down Sweden’s biggest nuclear power plant after a swarm of jellyfish made its way into a cooling water inlet at the reactor on the Baltic coast. The 1,400 megawatt Oskarshamn-3 unit, located about 340 kilometers (211 miles) … Continue reading

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Fukushima Watch: Attack of the Anti-Nuclear Jellyfish via Wall Street Journal

As protests continue in Japan against the restart of reactors at the Oi nuclear plant, the country’s anti-nuclear forces have found an unlikely champion: the jellyfish. It all started around 2:55 p.m. on Sunday July 8, when a large number … Continue reading

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