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From Chernobyl to Fukushima via You Tube

Dave Kraft, Nuclear Energy Information Service, is joined by Irene Zabytko, a Chicago-born author and documentarian and Dr. Norma Field, Professor Emerita of Japanese Studies, Univ. of Chicago. They discuss the impact of the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters then and … Continue reading

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Kennette Benedict speaking at at nuclear conference in Chicago, Dec 1-2 via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Kennette Benedict, executive director of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, will lead a panel at a two-day conference, December 1-2, observing the 70th anniversary of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction, and the consequences of the nuclear age. The … Continue reading

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[video]Update on Japan nuclear disaster Dave Kraft

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NEIS Statement on the NRC Report on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Complying with the order from President Obama to review the safety of America’s 104 operating nuclear reactors and their spent fuel pools, the NRC today finally released its findings of the preliminary lessons learned from the nuclear disaster at the … Continue reading

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