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Fukushima’s doses tallied via Nature

Studies indicate minimal health risks from radiation in the aftermath of Japan’s nuclear disaster. Few people will develop cancer as a consequence of being exposed to the radioactive material that spewed from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant last year … Continue reading

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Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated via FaireWindsAssociates

Fairewinds analyzes cancer rates for young children near Fukushima using the National Academy of Science’s BEIR (Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation) VII Report. Based on BEIR VII, Fairewinds determines that at least one in every 100 young girls will develop … Continue reading

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Nuke accident-linked cancer may be impossible to detect via The Japan Times

Experts remain divided over health risks from small doses of radiation AP FUKUSHIMA — Even if the world’s worst nuclear accident in 25 years results in many people developing cancer, we may never find out. Looking back on the early … Continue reading

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Childhood cancer and nuclear power plants in Switzerland: a census-based cohort study via International Journal of Epidemiology

Since Black reported a cluster of children with leukaemia near Sellafield in 1984,1 numerous studies investigated cancer incidence near nuclear power plants (NPP), with conflicting results. Some found an increased risk also at places where NPPs were planned but not … Continue reading

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