November 16th: Tang Tian

Baa salaam,
This Thursday, Persian Circle at the University of Chicago presents a talk in a mixture of Persian + English by CMES student Tang Tian. Tang will talk to us about her experiences studying and travelling in Iran, in a talk entitled:
سفر و اقامت من در ايران


Thursday 16th November
Pick Hall 218
5828 S. University Ave
Chicago, IL 60540
Tang Tian is a second-year MA student in CMES. She is originally from China, and finished her undergraduate in Peking University. She will be talking about her travel to Iran as an exchange student in her third year of college.
Tea and refreshments will be served.
Be omid-e didar!

May 2nd: Saeed Yousef

Salaam! Please join us for an exciting Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, May 2nd at 4:30 pm with our own Saeed Yousef:

مخالف. زندانی. فراری. پناهنده.
گزارش یک شاعر

Dissident. Prisoner. Fugitive. Refugee.
A Poet’s Account.

سعید یوسف دربارۀ زندگی در ایران پیش از انقلاب و پس از آن سخن می‌گوید و نمونه‌هائی از شعرهائی را که در هر مرحله از این راه سروده است می‌خواند

Saeed Yousef talks about life in Iran before and after the revolution and reads some examples of his poems from different stages of this journey.

This talk will be in Persian.
There will be tea & sweets!

Tuesday, May 2nd
4:30 – 6 pm, Pick Hall 218
(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

Be omid-e didaar,

April 18: Alex Shams

Salaam! Please join us for a Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, April 18 with Alex Shams (Uchicago, Anthropology). We will have an introductory session for students in English at 4:30 pm, the talk in Persian will begin at 5 pm.

دختران انقلاب: دسترسی زنان ایرانی‌ به تحصيلات در دهه شصت

Daughters of the Revolution: Iranian Women’s Access to Education in Khomeini’s Iran

Following the Iranian Revolution of 1978-9, women’s access to education increased dramatically amidst a broader transformation of gender norms unprecedented in modern Iranian history. In just the first decade after the Revolution, women’s literacy rates doubled as a result of revolutionary mass education campaigns. By the 2000s, higher education had gone from being a privilege afforded to a tiny minority of women to a social norm and a right for the majority. Whereas in 1979 less than a quarter of one percent of Iranian women attended university, by the 2000s the figures were around 60%.

Scholars of modern Iran have often overlooked the reasons for these dramatic changes in gender politics, ignoring the mobilization of the Iranian Revolution, the Iran-Iraq War, as well as revolutionary programs that specifically sought to improve women’s access to education as part of revolutionary ideology. This presentation is based on ethnographic research in Iran and analyzes the reasons for these dramatic changes by exploring the oral histories of Iranian women who were the first in their families to access higher education.

Tuesday, April 18
4:30 pm: Introductory session in English
5:00 pm: Persian Circle talk
Pick Hall, 218
(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

There will be tea & sweets!
See you there,

April 11: Abolhassan Mokhtabad

Please join us for a Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, April 11 at 4:30pm with Seyyed Abolhassan Mokhtabad on the recitation of the Shahnameh:

تبارشناسی شاهنامه خوانی در موسیقی ایران

سخنرانی به همراه نمایش نمونه‌های صوتی و تصویری و اجرای زنده موسیقی: سید ابوالحسن مختاباد

روزنامه‌نگار و پژوهشگر تاریخ موسیقی ایران 

در این سخنرانی که با عنوان شاهنامه و موسیقی ارایه خواهد شد ابتدا درباره رابطه موسیقی و شاهنامه صحبت ‌می‌شود و سپس از سه گونه یا نوع موسیقی که تحت تاثیر شاهنامه در سپهر موسیقایی ایران به عرصه رسید،سخن گفته می‌شود:

.شاهنامه‌خوانی در سنت موسیقی نواحی و نیز سنت قوالی و موسیقی زورخانه

ردپای شاهنامه در آثار موزیسین‌های موسیقی ردیف دستگاهی و موسیقی سنتی و شهری

برداشت‌های موسیقی ارکسترال و سمفونیک از شاهنامه در قالب‌ قطعات ارکسترال یا موسیقی کلاسیک غربی

در هر سه حوزه ضمن ارایه تاریخچه مختصری از هر بخش نمونه‌های صوتی یا تصویری پخش و درباره مختصات هر اثر توضیحاتی داده خواهد شد

اجرایی ویژه به همراه سه‌تار و‌ آواز به صورت زنده از مثنوی سوز و گداز اصفهان با تکیه بر گونه‌ای خاص از شاهنامه‌خوانی در سنت موسیقی ایران


Tuesday, April 11
4:30 – 6pm in Pick Hall 218
(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

March 28: Sarvin Haghighi

Salaam, I hope you had a pleasant Spring break! Please join us for the first Persian Circle talk of the Spring Quarter on Tuesday, March 28 at 4:30pm with artist Sarvin Haghighi:

Bridging the Divide

This talk will be in Persian and English

Sarvin Haghighi is an Iranian born artist based in Chicago. Her ambition is to share part of rich and beautiful part of her culture through her art. She merges traditional Iranian art forms with a contemporary sensibility. In combining Farsi calligraphy and Islamic architectural designs with mixed media, Haghighi affirms the enduring aesthetic of a culture that is too often represented through the limited lenses of war and political turmoil. Nostalgic memories of her beloved Iran reminds her who she is, and fortify her sense of cultural pride in a land that all too often depicts a most disconcerting and often polar-opposite reflection of her cherished motherland.

She was recently caught in the midst of the Travel Ban which left her stranded in Australia for a week. She will talk about her journey as a female artist in Iran and now in the US.

See Sarvin’s website for more information:

Sarvin Haghighi

Resident Artist at Zhou B Art Center – Chicago


Tuesday, March 28

4:30 – 6pm in Pick Hall 218

 (5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)


See you there!


Friday, March 10: Nowruz gathering

Salaam, dear students and faculty at Uchicago!
The Persian Circle and the Islamic Studies workshop invite you to the last event for this quarter:


Get a glimpse of how the Iranian New Year is celebrated – with Persian food, reading of poetry, and short presentations on history and customs of Nowruz in English and Persian. This is an event for speakers of English and Persian of all levels. Come by and enjoy good food and company at the end of a busy quarter!

Friday, March 10
Swift 106
6 pm

We hope to see you there,
به امید دیدار
Alexandra & Alexandra

Feb. 28: Dr. Ali Mousavi on Archaeology of Iran


Please join us for a Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, February 28 at 4:30 pm with Dr. Ali Mousavi (UCLA):

سهم ایالات متحده آمریکا  در پژوهشهای باستانشناسی در ایران

American Contributions to the Archaeology of Iran

This talk will be in Persian

Ali Mousavi obtained his Ph.D. in archaeology of the ancient Near East from the University of California, Berkeley. He excavated in France, Turkey, and Iran, and contributed to the nomination of a number of archaeological sites and monuments for inscription on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. He is the author of a book on the site of Persepolis (Persepolis: Discovery and Afterlife of a World Wonder), co-editor of the book Ancient Iran from the Air. He currently teaches art and archaeology of ancient Iran at UCLA and is the director of the Pasargadae Archaeological Excavations.

There will be tea & sweets!

Tuesday, February 28

4:30 – 6 pm in Pick Hall 218
(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

See you there,

Feb. 21: Austin O’Malley on Attar’s quatrains

Please join us for a Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, February 21 with our own
Dr. Austin O’Malley:
 معرفی رباعیات عطار
An Introduction to Attar’s quatrains

 This talk will focus on ʿAṭṭâr’s Mokhtâr-nâma, the earliest authorially curated and thematically organized quatrain collection in Persian. After introducing and discussing ʿAṭṭar, the quatrain form, and the Mokhtâr-nâma, we will read, translate, and discuss some of its quatrains and ʿAṭṭâr’s prose introduction to the work.

This talk will be in Persian. There will be an introduction in English for interested students at 4pm in the NELC Lounge (3rd floor, Pick Hall).
There will be tea & sweets!
Tuesday, Feb. 21
4pm: Introduction in English (NELC Lounge, 3rd floor, Pick Hall)
4:30pm: Persian Circle talk (Pick Hall 218)
 (5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)
See you there!


Feb. 14: Fariba Zarinebaf on Iranian Diaspora and Cityscapes of Memory in LA

Please join us for a Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, February 14 at 4:30 pm with Prof. Fariba Zarinebaf (UC Riverside):
“Iranian Diaspora and Cityscapes of Memory in LA”
The talk will be in English and Persian
Fariba Zarinebaf received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Islamic history and is currently teaching at UC Riverside. Her book, Crime and Punishment in Istanbul, 1700-1800 (published 2010), examines the history of violence, criminality, policing and punishment in Istanbul from the eighteenth to the early nineteenth centuries. For the Persian Circle, she will look at the cities of Los Angeles (and Chicago) and their connection to the Iranian Diaspora.
There will be tea & sweets! 
Tuesday, February 14
4:30 – 6pm in Pick Hall 218
 (5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)
See you there,