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11/5/2020 Reza Hemyari

Salaam All,

Please join us at the University of Chicago this Thursday, November 5, at 6:00 pm CST–please note the time!–for a presentation by Reza Hemyari!

Reza is a NELC PhD student at the University of Chicago. His research interests include Shi’i legal theory and law, and modern debates in Islamic philosophy. His talk is titled “Mulla […]

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10/29/2020 Sarah Aziz

Salaam all,

Please join us this Thursday, October 29, at 5:00 pm CST, for a presentation by Sarah Aziz! Sarah is a PhD student at Harvard NELC. She received her M.A. from the University of Chicago and BA from Davidson College, both in religious studies. Her research interests are at the intersection of Classical Arabic and […]

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Salaam all,

Please join us at 4:00 pm–please note the time difference!!!!–for a joint Persian Circle presentation with the University of Michigan. We are happy to have Dr. Mahmoodreza Esfandiar, an associate professor of Comparative Religions and Mysticism at the Islamic Azad University in Iran. His research interests center on studies in religion and mysticism, Jalal […]

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10/15/2020 Dr. Abe Soheili

Please join us this Thursday, October 15, at 5:00 pm, for a lecture by Dr. Abe Soheili. Dr. Soheili holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Illinois, and he has worked in both the United States and overseas in foreign language education. In the United States, he worked with the Foreign Service Institute […]

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Autumn 2020 Schedule

Welcome to an interesting year with interesting new events! Please mark your calendars. This quarter, we have an exciting mix of talks and movie discussions lined up. We will be meeting over zoom every week, Thursdays, most often from 5:00-6:30. Our schedule is below. Please mark your calendars!

To join, please click on the zoom link, […]

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Please join us this Thursday on Zoom for our last Persian Circle of the year. This week we are glad to welcome Kaveh Hemmat, graduate of the University of Chicago, who will discuss:

کارتونها به زبان فارسی

“Cartoons in Persian”

Thursday May 28th, from 5:00-6:30pm

با سلام

لطفا این پنجشنبه در زوم با ما […]

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Salaam friends and colleagues, 

Please join us this Thursday on Zoom for a discussion on this interview of Ebrahim Golestan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzVJvuXx0gc. This week, we will try watching the interview ahead of time and then meeting to discuss. The interview is about his memory of Forough Farrokhzad, entitled: 

فروغ در یاد ابراهیم گلستان

“Forough in Ebrahim Golestan’s Memory”  

Thursday May […]

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5/14 “Salaam Cinema”

Salaam friends and colleagues, 

Please join us this Thursday on Zoom for a screening of the film by Mohsen Makhmalbaf entitled: 

سلام سینما 

“Hello Cinema”  

Thursday May 14th, from 5:00-6:30pm

Makhmalbaf puts an advertisement in the papers calling for an open casting for his next movie. However when hundreds of people show up, he decides to make a movie […]

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5/7 “The Afghan Alphabet”

Salaam friends and colleagues, 

Please join us this Thursday on Zoom for a screening of the documentary by Mohsen Makhmalbaf entitled: 

الفبای افغان 

“The Afghan Alphabet”  

Thursday May 7th, from 5:00-6:30pm

This documentary shows the life of children of the Afghan villages bordering Iran, and how their life and culture were affected by the Taliban regime. It has English subtitles.

با […]

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Salaam friends and colleagues, 

We will break from our screening of films this week. Please join us Thursday on Zoom for a presentation by Mahsa Pashaei (CMES) entitled: 

خواندن و درک کردن داستان سیاه گنبد هفت پیکر

“Reading and Interpreting the Black Dome Tale of the Haft Paykar”  

Thursday April 30th, from 5:00-6:30pm

Mahsa will guide us through a […]

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