Persian Circle Quarter Schedule: Autumn 2016

By , September 27, 2016 4:00 pm

Dear friends and colleagues,

welcome back to the new academic year! I’m the student coordinator for the Persian Circle, a weekly event for Persianists, Persian speakers, Persian learners and –lovers!

This year, we will meet on Tuesdays, 4:30-6pm in Pick Hall 218 (5828 S University Ave). We will host faculty, students, and professionals who will present on a variety of topics associated with Persian or Iran. The Persian Circle will first meet next week.

For Autumn quarter, we have exciting talks lined up that you should not miss!

Oct. 4, Maryam Sabbaghi* (University of Chicago): “ گذری بر مکانهای تاریخی یهودی و زرتشتی در ایران –Exploring Jewish and Zoroastrian Sites in Iran

Oct. 11, Adel Javan: “چند نکته پیرامون شعر امروز ایران و شعرخوانی” – A few points on contemporary poetry in Iran and poetry recitation

Special session on Monday, Oct. 17, Sayeh Eghtesadinia: “ – غزل نو در شعر فارسیGhazal- e now in Persian Poetry”, in Pick Hall 218, 4:30-6pm

Oct. 18, Sayeh Eghtesadinia: “فرهنگستان زبان و ادب فارسی  معرفی – Introduction to the Academy of Persian language and Literature”

Oct 25, Prof. Reza Varjavand (Saint Xavier University): تلاش مهاجرین ایرانی‌ برای ساختن هویت در آمریکا” – Immigrant Struggle to Build Identity, the Case of Iranian-Americans.”

Nov. 1, TBA

Nov. 8, Ani Honarchiansaky* (UCLA): جابجايى پيكر قديسين در سر حدات شاهناشاهى ساسانيان و امپراطورى رم”Transferring relics in the borderlands of the Sasanian and Roman Empire”

Nov. 15, Ahmad Arbaboun: مکتب اصولی-فلسفی شیخ مرتضی انصاری (۱۲۸۱-۱۲۱۴ ه.ق): تفکری بر کاربرد فلسلفه در سنت فقهی تشیع دوازده امامی – Murtaḍá al-Anṣārī’s (d. 1864) School of Philosophical Jurisprudence: Thoughts on the Application of Philosophy in the Twelver Shiʿi Legal Tradition”

Nov. 22, Prof. Alireza Doostdar (University of Chicago) “شیطان پرستی، جهان شهرگرایی و پارانویا – Satanism, Cosmopolitanism, and Paranoia”

Nov. 29, Prof. Nasrin Qader (Northwestern): ملاقات در مرز بخت وطالع:’دوتایی پشه’ بقلم آصف سلطانزاده“ – Encounter on the border of chance and destiny: Asef Soltanzadeh’s ‘Two of Clubs’”

*This year, we will have sessions that aim to make talks more accessible for those learning Persian – there will be an introductory part for students with the presenter. Details will follow!

Announcements for event details will be posted around Pick Hall and online, through the Persian list and others, as well as on facebook (

If you would like to present at Persian Circle in Winter or Spring quarter, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to coordinate your talk!

There will always be tea and sweets – so come, sit down, treat yourself and be a part of the Persian speaking community.

See you on Tuesdays!
به امید دیدار

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