Non-Muslims and the Constitutional Revolution with Saghar Sadeghian

By , April 28, 2016 8:07 am
[If you missed Saghar Sadeghian’s talk, you can find a recording here]
Saghar Sadeghian (Postdoctoral Associate, Yale)
ساغر صادقیان
Non-Muslims and the Constitutional Revolution: A Quest of Identity
غیرمسلمانان و ابقلاب مشروطه: بحث هویت

The concept of Iranian nationality had become a more visible discourse since 1890s and mostly during the Tobacco Movement. The Iranian Constitutional Revolution emerged in 1906 with the slogan of “Iran for all Iranians.” Where were the non-Muslims located in this situation? This paper introduces the situation of four major non-Muslim communities—Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians and Baha’is—in Iran between 1890-1911. At the local level, it studies the daily life of the members of these communities and their interactions with the greater Muslim society. At the national level, it explores the ways Iranian citizenship was defined for non-Muslims. Finally, at the international level, it examines the economic, social and political relationship between Iran and Western countries concerning its non-Muslim population. It also introduces the missionary institutions in Iran and some discourses on these activities. 


Tuesday, May 3, 4:30 pm
Farouk Mustafa Seminar Room (Pick Hall #218)
5828 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

“Naked Bodies in Protest” with Afsaneh Kalantary

By , April 23, 2016 10:32 am
بدن های برهنه در اعتراض 
Naked Bodies in Protest
افسانه کلانتری
Afsaneh Kalantary
دراین بحث به بررسی روند اخیر در استفاده از برهنگی به عنوان یک شیوه اعتراض فرهنگی و سیاسی  که  مابین برخی هنرمندان و کنشگران ایرانی باب شده است و لاجرم تناقضات و معانی متفاوت جنسیتی و فرهنگی این تاکتیک پرداخته خواهد شد.
This talk examines the recent trend among some Iranian artists and activists of deploying nudity as a form of political and cultural protest and explores the gendered and cultural connotations and contradictions in using this tactic.
Tuesday, April 26, 4:30 pm
Farouk Mustafa Seminar Room (Pick Hall #218)
5828 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637 

Screening of “Silky Eloquence” with Filmmaker Hossein Khandan

By , April 17, 2016 12:43 pm
Screening of “Silky Eloquence” followed by Q & A
نمایش فیلم ‘حریر کلام’ به همراه پرسش و پاسخ با کارگردان فیلم
With more than 38 years experience, Hossein Khandan, an Iranian-American filmmaker and photographer, will be in person to screen his award winning film “Silky Eloquence,” along with other short films. Subsequently, he will be available for discussion about his experience as a Persian artist in China.
Tuesday, April 19, 4:30 pm
Farouk Mustafa Seminar Room (Pick Hall #218)
5828 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637 

Tentative Spring Quarter Schedule

By , April 8, 2016 8:09 am

Salaam Persian Circlers! Here is our schedule for Spring quarter. It will be updated with more details as they become available. All dates, unless otherwise noted, are Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.

April 5: Shabnam Rahimi-Golkhandan

April 12: Kimia Maleki

April 19: Hossein Khandan

April 26: Afsaneh Kalantary

May 10: Bruce Lincoln, “Persian Archers and Paradise Gardens” (in English)

Wednesday, May 18, 5pm, Nasrin Qader

May 24: Nilofar Sahra

“Carpets for you”: Glimpses on Qajar Multinational Carpet Corporations, with Kimia Maleki

By , April 8, 2016 8:04 am
[If you missed Kimia’s talk, you can download it here]
Please join us for Persian Circle this coming Tuesday, for a talk on Qajar carpet corporations by Kimia Maleki (SAIC). This talk will be in Persian and all are invited to attend:
:”فرش هایی برای شما”
نگاهی به شرکت های چند ملیتی فرش در دوران قاجار
“Carpets for you”:
Glimpses on Qajar Multinational Carpet Corporations 
Tuesday, April 12, 4:30 pm
Farouk Mustafa Seminar Room (Pick Hall #218)
5828 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637 

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