Spring Quarter schedule

By , March 30, 2017 10:44 pm

Dear friends and colleagues,

Please join us for an exciting Spring Quarter at the Persian Circle, a weekly event for all students, faculty, and those interested in Persian and Iran. We will meet on Tuesdays, 4:30 pm – 6 pm in Pick Hall 218 (5828 S University Ave) and enjoy talks on a variety of topics by faculty, students, and professionals. Here is a list of our future events for Spring quarter, so mark your calendars:

April 3, workshop with Dr. Ulrich Marzolph (Georg-August Universität Göttingen)*: Traveling Tales: The Muslim World’s Contribution to World Narrative Lore. 2:30-4pm, Foster 103

April 4, Dr. Ulrich Marzolph (Georg-August Universität Göttingen)*: Relief after Hardship. The Ottoman Turkish Model for the Thousand and One Days. 4:30pm, Swift Lecture Hall, 3rd floor

The two events with Dr. Marzolph are co-sponsored by the MEHAT workshop, COSAS, the Islamic Studies workshop and the Department of Comparative Literature


April 11, Abolhassan Mokhtabad:      تبارشناسی شاهنامه خوانی در موسیقی ایران

April 18, Alex Shams (Uchicago, Anthropology)*:

Daughters of the Revolution: Iranian Women’s Access to Education in Khomeini’s Iran

دختران انقلاب: دسترسی زنان ایرانی‌ به تحصيلات در دهه شصت

April 25, Dr. Ramin Takloo-Bigash (UIC): Democratic processes in the Iranian system of government since 1906.

May 2, Dr. Saeed Ghahremani (Uchicago, NELC)*:

مخالف. زندانی. فراری. پناهنده.

زندگی در ایران قبل و بعد از انقلاب.

Dissident. Prisoner. Fugitive. Refugee.

Life in Iran before and after the Revolution.


May 9, Dr. Giusto Traina (Paris-Sorbonne University)*: Ardaxshīr I: The Armenian File.

May 16, Mehrnaz Saeedvafa (Columbia College Chicago):

کوتاه‌ترین راه به حقیقت

The Shortest Way to Truth

May 23: August Samie (Uchicago, NELC)*:

 ازبکان مدرن: تجربه من در سمرقند و تاشکند

Zamonaviy O’zbeklar: Tajribam Toshkent va Samarqandda

Modern Uzbeks: My Experience in Tashkent and Samarkand


May 30: Tang Tian (Uchicago, CMES)*:

اقامت من درایران به عنوان دانشجوی انتقالی

My Stay in Iran as an Exchange Student


*These sessions will be either be in English, in English and Persian, preceded by an introductory part in English for students, or the talk will be designed explicitly for students’ needs. Details will be announced for each talk.

Announcements for event details will be posted around Pick Hall and online, through the Persian list and others, as well as on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/uchicagopersiancircle/).

There will always be tea and sweets – so come, sit down, treat yourself and be a part of the Persian speaking community.

See you on Tuesdays!
به امید دیدار

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