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Please join us for a Persian Circle talk on Tuesday, November 15 with Ahmad Arbaboun (CMES Alumnus):

مکتب اصول فلسفی شیخ مرتضی انصاری (وفات 1864 میلادی – 1281 هجری قمری)

“Murtaḍá al-Anṣārī’s (d. 1864) School of Philosophical Jurisprudence”


In this talk Ahmad Arbaboun will be looking at a crucial point in the history of Shi’i jurisprudence where after a period of intellectual debates that surrounded the discipline, and in the absence of a strong court support, Murtaḍá al-Anṣārī, a scholar with a wide range of training in the various schools of Shi’i intellectual sciences, formulated a philosophical approach and technique for the discovery of legal rulings. Ansari’s efforts and intellectual capabilities have placed him at the intersection of the three main intellectual currents of his time: the post-Akhbari jurisprudential school of al-Muḥaqqiq al-Qummī, the authoritative school of law of the Kāshif al-Ghiṭā’ family and that of Mullā Aḥmad al-Narāqī’s, and the philosophical school of Mullā Ṣadrā as transmitted to him through Mullā Hādī al-Sabzawārī. Despite the historical significance of these intellectual encounters and the environment in which Ansari’s ideas come to fruition, Ahmad Arbaboun will focus on the philosophical significance of the Ansari school of philosophical jurisprudence by an analysis of Ansari’s corpus of jurisprudential and legal works.

This talk will be preceded by an introduction to the topic and key vocabulary in English, designed to help students learning Persian to follow the talk. To join the introduction, come to the NELC Lounge at 4pm (Pick Hall, Third Floor). The regular talk starts at 4:30pm in Pick Hall 218. During the talk, the speaker will provide explanations for various concepts and arguments in a simpler language, and will encourage students to interrupt when needed. A list of key terminology will be distributed.

Tuesday, Nov. 15
Introduction for students: 4pm in the NELC Lounge (3rd floor, Pick Hall)
Regular talk: 4:30 pm in Pick Hall 218
(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

Be omid-e didaar,

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