Mohammad Majdzadeh: Radio in Iran

By , October 22, 2009 11:50 pm

رادیو در ایران امروز همراه با فیلم /
گزارشی مستند از فستیوال مونولوگ خوانی توسط صداپیشگان رادیوی ایران/
کار محمد مجدزاده

“Radio in Iran” along with a film by Mohammad Majdzadeh

Mohammad Majdzadeh was born in Tehran-Iran in 1973. After high school he studied Electrical Engineering. He began his artistic career in 1983 by entering Iran’s Art and Literature School. He played various roles on the stage and in TV serials. After finishing high school in 1991, he entered university and studied electronics for 3/5 years but finally switched and began studying stage acting, directing and oratory technique under the tutelage of master Samandarian (who is an outstanding expert in Beresht and Max Freish works). He then studied camera acting, film directing, playwriting and scriptwriting under the supervision of master Alasti (an expert in America cinema and avant-garde cinema in Iran). Majdzadeh has been working on the stage, television, radio, cinema and dubbing since 1994. He has worked as actor and director assistant in 19 professional plays, 10 movies (as actor and assistant director), 25 TV series and 400 radio plays and he has directed three short films. He has also co-operated with dubbing department of Iran TV in dubbing 14 foreign TV serials.

You can listen to this talk here.

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