Afanti and Patient

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 阿凡提不会给病人治病,所以开错了药。 / 阿凡提不會給病人治病,所以開錯了藥。
  • 病人的眼睛有病。
  • 病人生病是因为吃了不该吃的东西。 / 病人生病是因為吃了不該吃的東西。
  • 病人吃了药以后就可以看清楚了。 / 病人吃了藥以後就可以看清楚了。

Statements in English:

  • Afanti does not know how to treat the patient and so fills out the wrong prescription.
  • The patient has problem with his eyes.
  • The patient fell sick because he ate something he should not have eaten.
  • After taking the medication the patient should be able to see clearly.

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