Husband and Sala

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 丈夫觉得萨拉的建议没有道理。 / 丈夫覺得薩拉的建議沒有道理。
  • 丈夫觉得,要是外面不暖和,关上窗户也没有用。 / 丈夫覺得,要是外面不暖和,關上窗戶也沒有用。
  • 丈夫在开萨拉的玩笑。 / 丈夫在開薩拉的玩笑。
  • 丈夫不喜欢关窗户。 / 丈夫不喜歡關窗戶。
Statements in English:
  • The husband thinks that Sala’s suggestion is nonsense.
  • The husband thinks that if it is not warm outside it does not help to close the window.
  • The husband is making fun of Sala.
  • The husband does not like to close windows.

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