Afanti and Cemetery

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 阿凡提相信小偷会到墓地来找他。 / 阿凡提相信小偷會到墓地來找他。
  • 阿凡提不在乎自己丢了背包,所以不去抓小偷。
  • 阿凡提不知道应该怎么去抓小偷,所以才到墓地来等。 / 阿凡提不知道應該怎麼去抓小偷,所以才到墓地來等。
  • 阿凡提觉得小偷早晚会死,所以不用费力气去抓。 / 阿凡提覺得小偷早晚會死,所以不用費力氣去抓。

Statements in English:

  • Afanti believes that the thief will come to the cemetery to look for him.
  • Afanti does not care that he lost his rucksack, so he does not go off to catch the thief.
  • Afanti does not know how to catch the thief, so he goes to the cemetery to wait.
  • Afanti thinks that the thief will die sooner or later, so there is no need to waste energy in trying to catch him.

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