Afanti and Lost Donkey

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 阿凡提丢了驴,一点也不担心。 / 阿凡提丟了驢,一點也不擔心。
  • 阿凡提听说他的驴当了官,非常高兴。 / 阿凡提聽說他的驢當了官,非常高興。
  • 阿凡提的驴很公正。 / 阿凡提的驢很公正。
  • 阿凡提不喜欢官府。 / 阿凡提不喜歡官府。

Statements in English:

  • Afanti has lost his donkey but is not worried at all.
  • Afanti heard that his donkey had become an official. He is very happy about that.
  • Afanti’s donkey is very fair.
  • Afanti does not like the authorities.

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