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Why doesn’t my laptop show up on the projector?

If you are sure everything is connected correctly, and you have turned on the laptop only after everything else is connected and turned on, you may need to use a keyboard command to tell the laptop something is connected to its external output port. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of keyboard commands as provided by the manufacturers, compiled by Extron Electronics and edited by United Visual:

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Add a Folder of Images to a Mac Powerpoint Presentation

Are you using Powerpoint on a Mac? If so, you can easily load a folder of images into a presentation with just a few clicks. The VRC can install this simple program for you. Just contact us for more information.

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ARTstor in 4 Minutes: Download Images to PowerPoint

Click on the image to learn how to download images from ARTstor and put them in PowerPoint for a classroom presentation.


Click here to view all ARTstor videos on Youtube.

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Creating DVD Clips

Below is a list of software products recommended by Visual Resources Association (VRA) members for extracting, converting, and compressing clips from DVDs for your classroom presentations:

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What Size Images Should I Use in Presentations?

ppt.jpgThe VRC recommends that you scan your images at about 1400 pixels on the longest edge of the digital image. Your computer will project up to 1400 (w) x 1050 (h) pixels on our projectors. Click here for a good explanation of Powerpoint-presentation image size from Microsoft.

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