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Reel to Real: Ethnomusicology and Sound at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

The Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford has recently released Reel to Real, a digital collection pertaining to sound and video from ethnomusicology research. “The content of the recordings ranges from spirits singing in the rainforests of the Central African Republic to children’s songs and games in playgrounds throughout Europe.”

The website features playlists of curated material along with archival photographs taken at the same time the recordings were made.

To learn more, explore the Reel to Real collection.

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Visualizing Ambient Music with the Scape iPad App

Need a relaxing, ambient break from your studies? Check out Brian Eno’s latest invention, the Scape app for iPad:

[The Scape app] lets users pull together a variety of shapes, backgrounds, and color schemes – each with its own corresponding musical cues —to create their own visual and sonic landscape. There are no proxies to any sort of traditional music creation tools; everything is based on the abstract imagery and the sounds each visual creates.

The app is $5.99 in the iTunes store. Click here for a video demonstration.

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Sound-Activated “Seeing” for the Blind

Israeli scientists have developed a “sensory substitution device” (SSD) that they say lets congenitally blind people “see” for the first time ever.

The device… features a tiny computerized video camera that transforms light into so-called “soundscapes”–specific tones that the wearer interprets using his/her sense of hearing.

Read more about the device here. Via Huffington Post.