Lesson 1: Fish – 鱼的快乐

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庄子和惠子是朋友。有一天他们在河边走,看见鱼在水里游。庄子说:“鱼很快乐。”惠子说: “你不是鱼,你怎么能知道鱼快乐不快乐? ”庄子说: “你不是我,你怎么能知道我知道不知道鱼的快乐? “

莊子和惠子是朋友。有一天他們在河邊走,看見魚在水裏遊.莊子說: “魚很快樂. ”惠子說 “你不是魚,你怎麼能知道魚快樂不快樂? ”莊子說: “你不是我,你怎麼能知道我知道不知道魚的快樂? “”

Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • Because Zhuangzi could refute Huizi with Huizi's logic.
  • Because Huizi did not see the fish swimming in the river.
  • Because Huizi insisted that the fish were not happy.
  • Because Zhuangzi did not like Huizi personally.

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