Hidden Gems at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Art‘s website includes Tag Tours, or online tours by IMA staff that provide unique and unexpected connections to the museum’s extensive collection of art. These online tours include works that are not necessarily on display in the galleries. Examples include “Happy Hour” (works of art that feature wine, beer, and other libations), “WTF” (“What’s this for?” – works of art that are thought-provoking, quirky, odd, funny and potentially, from another planet), and “Impress my Boss/Grandma/Hot Date” (works from around the world and featured in the galleries so you can “study” before your next visit to the museum). You can also add your own tags.

Steve: The Art Museum Social Tagging Project

From the Steve Website:

“Steve” is a collaborative research project exploring the potential for user-generated descriptions of the subjects of works of art to improve access to museum collections and encourage engagement with cultural content. We are a group of volunteers, primarily from art museums, who share a common interest in improving access to our collections. We are concerned about barriers to public access to online museum information. Participation in steve is open to anyone with a contribution to make to developing our collective knowledge, whether they formally represent a museum or not.