Art Stolen by Nazis Archived Online

The International Research Portal is a collaboration of national and other archival institutions with records that pertain to Nazi-Era cultural property. These archival institutions, along with expert national and international organizations, are working together to extend public access to the widely-dispersed records through a single internet portal. The portal will enable families to research their losses, provenance researchers to locate important documentation, and historians to study newly accessible materials on the history of this period.

Via Guardian.

Two New Art Historical Databases Available from the Frick Collection

The Frick Collection has recently released two databases that focus on provenance of artworks. The Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America helps researchers locate primary source material about American collectors, dealers, agents and advisors, and the repositories that hold those records. The Archives include collectors who purchased American art, but also antiquities and non-Western art. The Montias Database of 17th Century Dutch Art Inventories provides detailed information on ownership of works of art during the Dutch Golden Age. It was compiled by late Yale University Professor John Michael Montias, and contains information from 1,280 inventories of goods (paintings, prints, sculpture, furniture, etc.) owned by people living in 17th century Amsterdam.