How Do I Unzip a Folder of Images?

You’ve downloaded a zipped folder of images from LUNA or Webshare – what now?

PC Computers

If you’ve ever had trouble unzipping a compressed folder of images on your computer, please see the following links for instructions on different PC platforms.

Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Mac Computers

If you’re using a Mac running OS 10.5 or later, the pre-installed tool called Archive Utility will unzip folders and files by default. After downloading a zipped file or folder, you should see a dialog box that asks if you’d like to open with Archive Utility. Select OK.

The unzipped folder should then be available in your Downloads folder, or wherever you specify downloads to save.

If you are not prompted to open the folder with Archive Utility, try downloading and then double-clicking on the folder or file to unzip.

Please contact the VRC with any questions.