WICL 2 Program

Location: The Franke Institute

Session 3 Chair: Xiang Ming
09:00 – 10:00
Invited speaker: Elaine Francis (Purdue University)
Gaps versus resumptive pronouns in Cantonese relative clauses: teasing apart the relative contributions of grammar and processing
10:00 – 10:30
Zoe Wai-Man Lam (University of British Columbia)
A unified account for biased and non-biased questions in Cantonese


Cynthia Johnson and Tsz-Him Tsui (OSU)
Distribution and meaning of Cantonese ge3
Jose Esteban Hernandez (University of Texas Pan American)
Linguistic and social constraints of on target – off target variation of liquids in the L2 Spanish of Chinese-origin learners
Invited speakers: Benjamin Munson (University of Minnesota) and Andrew Plummer (The Ohio State University)
Investigating the relationship between age, gender, and vowel categorization within and across languages: A comparison of Cantonese, English, and Japanese


Session 4 Chair: Alan Yu
14:30 – 15:30
Invited speaker: Majorie Chan (The Ohio State University)
Orthographic Variants in the Cantonese Love Ballad, Romance of the Fancy Notepaper (Huajian Ji 花箋記): 1713 to Present-Day Editions

15:30 – 16:00
Roxana Fung (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
The Interplay of Perception and Production in the Actuation of Tone Mergers in Cantonese


16:15 – 16:45
Jinghua Ou and Sam-Po Law (University of Hong Kong)
The role of cognitive abilities in individual differences in tone processing in Cantonese
16:45 -17:45
Invited speaker: Patrick Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Cantonese Tone Processing: From Basic Processes to Disorders


Dinner Banquet