Poster Session

Location: Lee Shau Kee Building, CUHK

***Poster board information: a poster should fit within an area that is 38 inches (width) x 57.5 inches (height).***

  1. Crosslinguistic influence from French to English morphosyntax: A study on adult L2/L3 learners.
    Fung, Daniel & Murphy, Victoria (CUHK)
  2. Perceptual Learning from Production Training with Ultrasound Biofeedback in Hong Kong Cantonese Speaking Learners of English
    Gananathan, Richard Yohann (CUHK)
  3. Cross-linguistic transfer: intervention on syllable structure in four multilingual children with speech sound disorders
    Ho, Sabrina and To, Carol (The University of Hong Kong)
  4. Factors Affecting Autistic Children’s Language Skills during the Early Years in Elementary School
    Huang, Ying (CUHK)
  5. Multilingualism in the Russian Far East: Past and Present
    Kantarovich, Jessica (University of Chicago)
  6. Leftward Association with Focus: A Case Study in Cantonese
    Lau, Cindy Wan Yee (CUHK)
  7. On Competing Theoretical Frameworks on Phonological Relationships: Preliminary Neural Evidence from Cantonese Vowel Allophony
    Lau, Joseph (CUHK)
  8. The effect of syllable structure on non-word naming latency in L3 Japanese
    Lee, Albert (CUHK)
  9. Vowel patterns of bilingual speakers
    Leung, Chun Wai (CUHK)
  10. Effect of prosodic structure on juncture realization and coarticulation in Cantonese
    Li, Guo (CUHK)
  11. Perception of Allophones of Moraic nasal N by Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin speakers
    Li, Xiaolin (CUHK)
  12. The Normative Patterns of Speech Intelligibility in Putonghua-speaking Children
    Li, Xinxin (The University of Hong Kong)
  13. A review of phonological development in Mandarin-speaking children
    Li, Xinxin (The University of Hong Kong)
  14. Undoing Hong Kong Cantonese tone mergers via phonetic imitation
    Luo, Jin (PolyU)
  15. A study on the Perception of Cantonese Vowel Length Contrasts by Mandarin Speakers
    Luo, Jingxin (CUHK)
  16. Cortical Electrophysiological Mechanisms of Linguistic Sound Change
    Maggu, Akshay (CUHK)
  17. The effects of multilingual urbanization on the Kalaallisut demonstrative system: Greenlanders in Nuuk and Copenhagen
    McMahan, Hilary (University of Chicago)
  18. A cross-linguistic study of articulatory affordance iconicity in sign language
    Montemurro, Kat (University of Chicago)
  19. Gestures may serve as a seedbed for future knowledge acquisition
    Ng, Melvin (CUHK)
  20. A longitudinal investigation of individual changes in sibilant coarticulation
    Phillips, Jacob (University of Chicago)
  21. Verbal gestures in Cameroon
    Pillion, Betsy (University of Chicago)
  22. The prosody of restrictive clauses
    Sankhagowit, Amara (University of Chicago)
  23. Phonological neighborhood effects in spoken word recognition in tone languages
    Sharma, Bhamini (PolyU)
  24. Bilingual Development and Creole Genesis: Emergence of Perfective Aspect
    Szeto, Pui Yiu (The University of Hong Kong)
  25. Reviewing the semantic iconicity of total reduplication through a case study of Cantonese wh-doublets
    Wong, Hok Yuen Oscar (CUHK)
  26. School-aged children’s creativity of spoken narratives manifested in gestures
    Wong, Miranda Kit-Yi (CUHK)
  27. Origin of Human Communication: Emergence of linguistic elements in the gestural communication system through interaction
    Yang, Jiahao (CUHK)
  28. On the strictly scalar and exclusive focus particle pianpian in Mandarin Chinese
    Zhou, Mi (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  29. The Acquisition of L3 German by Cantonese-English Bilinguals
    Zhu, Yanjiao and Mok, Peggy (CUHK)