Index of Presentations

Amina Mohamed: The Band “Eskenderella” and the Songs of the Egyptian Revolution
Camille Harrison: Muslims in France
Maron Soueid: In Memory of Jibran Khalil Jibran
Kevin Blankinship: “O Iblīs, I have served you for seventy years!”: Al-Farazdaq’s Chat With the Devil
Dina Yehia: Poetry, Song, and Word: The Egyptian Revolution
Sheikh Abd al-Aziz bin Ali al-Nuaimi: Environmental Sustainability in the Middle East
Eman Gamaal: The Aesthetic Imaging in the Qur’an
Farouk Mustafa and Amina Abd al-Alim: Observations from the Revolution
Emran al-Badawi: Egypt between Enlightenment and Revolution
Kevin Blankinship: The Dove’s Call (Rhymed Prose) in Olden Times: Qur’anic Inimitability or Soothsayer’s Magic
Mahmoud Saeed: “After one-thousand years the beautiful, enchanting daughter returns virtuously and safely to her creator”
Cam Cross: “The Tale of al-Aṣmaʿī, the Caliph al-Manṣūr, and the Amazing Qasida”
Andrew Alger: “My Experiences Working in a Resettlement Agency”
Babacar Samb: “Arabic Studies in Senegal”
Mahmoud Saeed: “Slavery in Islam”
Doaa Mansoor: “The educational role of Al-Azhar as a mosque and university”
Annie Higgins: “From Conscience to Conscience: Convey the Message, Constrain Enmity”
Farouk Mustafa: “Letters from Cairo”
Hossein Saleh: “An Eyewitness in Iraq: Knowledge vs. Information”
Mahmoud Saeed: “The Cuisine of the Abbasid Era”
Rime Naguib: “Sheikh Imam ‘Isa: A musical and political biography”
Sherif al-Gayyar: “Scheherazade in the Arabian Nights: A Critical Approach”
Muhammad Eissa: “The Memories of a Modern Azhari, pt. 3 : Love… Why Not?”
Amina Mohamed: “The Narrative World of Bahaa Taher”
Eman Gamaal: “People who have influenced my life”
Mahmoud Saeed: “A Reading of his Short Story Jund al-Samaa’”
Cameron Cross: “Anthropormorphism in Arabic Literature”
Sherif al-Gayyar: “On the Short Story in Egypt : A Critical View”
Annie Higgins: “Woman’s Smile and History’s Stamp in Arabic Currencies”
Farouk Mustafa: “People of Cairo: A reading of contemporary Egyptian society through the media”
Mustapha Kamal: “Political repression in Morocco from 1956 till 2003″
Farouk Mustafa: “A Reading of Mahmoud Darwish’s Last Poem: La urid li-hadhi al-qasidah an tantahi”
Annie Higgins: “Images of Society in Arab Currencies”
Elizabeth Urban: “What Does the Crow Say? : Birds’ Speech in an Arabic Fable”
Kristen Stilt: “Law and Society in Mamluk Egypt”
Basima Bezirgan: “My Life in Iraq from childhood to adulthood, in Diwaniyah and Baghdad”
Munira Mesbah: “I Breathe You In, Yearning: A Poetry Reading”
Montserrat Rabadàn: “Arab Immigrants in Germany”
Gregg Reynolds: “Harf is Where the Heart Is”
Kay Heikkinen: “Ibrahim al-Koni and His Works”
Rana Mikati: “Introduction to the Film Caramel”
Farouk Mustafa: “Contemporary Egyptian Literature Pt. 2: Gamal el Ghitani in New York”
Farouk Mustafa: “Contemporary Egyptian Literature”
Widad Kadi: “Documentary Materials in Early Islamic Historical Narratives”
Fatma el Sakhawy: “Social Changes in Egypt”
Manal Kotb: “Women in Islam: A clarification of some misconceptions”
Fahad al-Homoudi: “Saudi Arabian Culture”
Hala El Badry: “On the Writer’s Craft”
Elizabeth Urban: “Why I Study the Umayyads”
Yazan Doughan: “My Story and the Story of My Hometown of Amman”
Noha Forster: “My Alexandria”
Farouk Mustafa: “My Experience with Literary Translation”
Rana Mikati: “Reality TV in the Arab World”
Sheikh Amin Al-Ali: “Islam in Chicago”
Rasmiyya Yusuf: “The Arab-American Community in Chicago”
Thomas Salem Manganaro, James Rumsey-Merlan, & Rafi Mottahedeh: “Spoken Arabic in Greater Syria”
Muhammad Eissa: “Memories of a Modern Azhari II: My Experience with the Revolt of 1952″
Sasson Somekh: “Baghdad Yesterday”
Michael Sells: “Reading and Translation of Ibn Zaydun’s ‘Nuniyya'”
Issa Boulos: “An Introduction to Arabic Music”
Munira Misbah: “The experience of the poet Fadwa Toukan in the rise to freedom”
Amahl Bishara: “The Writing on the Wall: Locating Palestinian Voices of Resistance in Western Agency Photography of the Separation Barrier.”
Amina Mohamed: “The Slums of Cairo”
Osama Abu-Eledam: “Pages from the Life of Gibran Khalil Gibran”
Farouk Mustafa: “Recent Arabic Novels in Egypt”
Muhammad Eissa: “Memories of a Modern Azhari”
Kay Heikkinen: “A Personal Reading of ‘Season of Migration to the North’ by al-Tayyib Saleh”
Amy Ruszkiewicz: “My Big Adventure in Qatar”
Noha Forster: “The Sisters of the Mother of the World: A Video Trip Around the Arab World”
Ahmad Baasiri: “The Lebanon July War: Has it ended?”
Ahmed Hashem: “An Introduction to Arabic Dialects”
Kay Heikkinen: “How are the Egyptians these days? (Snapshots and Fleeting Glances)”
Farouk Mustafa: “My Trip to Cairo”
Toujan al-Faisal
Kay Heikkinen: “A Modern Egyptian Woman: Fathia al-Assal in her Autobiography”
Amina Mohamed: “Al-Zir Salim in History and Folktales”
Farouk Mustafa: “Translation and the Other”
Munira Misbah: “The Latest Work of Munira Misbah”
Orit Bashkin: “Abu Nawas in America”
Mahmoud Saeed: “Egypt Through Iraqi Eyes”
Hala El Badry: “My Experience with Writing.”
Hayat Kara: “The Intellectual Dialogue in al-Andalus in the 7th/13th Century: Its Reflection in Sufi Poetry.”

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  1. Some truly superb blog posts on this website, appreciate it for contribution. “We are always in search of the redeeming formula, the crystallizing thought.” by Etty Hillesum.

  2. Tania Islas says:

    Who is the organizer of the Arabic Circle?

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