Index of Presentations

Amina Mohamed: “The Band ‘Eskenderella’ and the Songs of the Egyptian Revolution”
Camille Harrison: “Muslims in France”
Maron Soueid: “In Memory of Jibran Khalil Jibran”
Kevin Blankinship: “‘O Iblīs, I have served you for seventy years!’: Al-Farazdaq’s Chat With the Devil”
Dina Yehia: “Poetry, Song, and Word: The Egyptian Revolution”
Sheikh Abd al-Aziz bin Ali al-Nuaimi: “Environmental Sustainability in the Middle East”
Eman Gamaal: “The Aesthetic Imaging in the Qur’an”
Farouk Mustafa and Amina Abd al-Alim: “Observations from the Revolution”
Emran al-Badawi: “Egypt between Enlightenment and Revolution”
Kevin Blankinship: “The Dove’s Call (Rhymed Prose) in Olden Times: Qur’anic Inimitability or Soothsayer’s Magic”
Mahmoud Saeed: “After one-thousand years the beautiful, enchanting daughter returns virtuously and safely to her creator”
Cam Cross: “The Tale of al-Aṣmaʿī, the Caliph al-Manṣūr, and the Amazing Qasida”
Andrew Alger: “My Experiences Working in a Resettlement Agency”
Babacar Samb: “Arabic Studies in Senegal”
Mahmoud Saeed: “Slavery in Islam”
Doaa Mansoor: “The educational role of Al-Azhar as a mosque and university”
Annie Higgins: “From Conscience to Conscience: Convey the Message, Constrain Enmity”
Farouk Mustafa: “Letters from Cairo”
Hossein Saleh: “An Eyewitness in Iraq: Knowledge vs. Information”
Mahmoud Saeed: “The Cuisine of the Abbasid Era”
Rime Naguib: “Sheikh Imam ‘Isa: A musical and political biography”
Sherif al-Gayyar: “Scheherazade in the Arabian Nights: A Critical Approach”
Muhammad Eissa: “The Memories of a Modern Azhari, pt. 3 : Love… Why Not?”
Amina Mohamed: “The Narrative World of Bahaa Taher”
Eman Gamaal: “People who have influenced my life”
Mahmoud Saeed: “A Reading of his Short Story Jund al-Samaa’”
Cameron Cross: “Anthropormorphism in Arabic Literature”
Sherif al-Gayyar: “On the Short Story in Egypt: A Critical View”
Annie Higgins: “Woman’s Smile and History’s Stamp in Arabic Currencies”
Farouk Mustafa: “People of Cairo: A reading of contemporary Egyptian society through the media”
Mustapha Kamal: “Political repression in Morocco from 1956 till 2003”
Farouk Mustafa: “A Reading of Mahmoud Darwish’s Last Poem: La urid li-hadhihi al-qasidah an tantahi”
Annie Higgins: “Images of Society in Arab Currencies”
Elizabeth Urban: “What Does the Crow Say? : Birds’ Speech in an Arabic Fable”
Kristen Stilt: “Law and Society in Mamluk Egypt”
Basima Bezirgan: “My Life in Iraq from childhood to adulthood, in Diwaniyah and Baghdad”
Munira Mesbah: “I Breathe You In, Yearning: A Poetry Reading”
Montserrat Rabadàn: “Arab Immigrants in Germany”
Gregg Reynolds: “Harf is Where the Heart Is”
Kay Heikkinen: “Ibrahim al-Koni and His Works”
Rana Mikati: “Introduction to the Film Caramel”
Farouk Mustafa: “Contemporary Egyptian Literature Pt. 2: Gamal el Ghitani in New York”
Farouk Mustafa: “Contemporary Egyptian Literature”
Widad Kadi: “Documentary Materials in Early Islamic Historical Narratives”
Fatma el Sakhawy: “Social Changes in Egypt”
Manal Kotb: “Women in Islam: A clarification of some misconceptions”
Fahad al-Homoudi: “Saudi Arabian Culture”
Hala El Badry: “On the Writer’s Craft”
Elizabeth Urban: “Why I Study the Umayyads”
Yazan Doughan: “My Story and the Story of My Hometown of Amman”
Noha Forster: “My Alexandria”
Farouk Mustafa: “My Experience with Literary Translation”
Rana Mikati: “Reality TV in the Arab World”
Sheikh Amin Al-Ali: “Islam in Chicago”
Rasmiyya Yusuf: “The Arab-American Community in Chicago”
Thomas Salem Manganaro, James Rumsey-Merlan, and Rafi Mottahedeh: “Spoken Arabic in Greater Syria”
Muhammad Eissa: “Memories of a Modern Azhari II: My Experience with the Revolt of 1952”
Sasson Somekh: “Baghdad Yesterday”
Michael Sells: “Reading and Translation of Ibn Zaydun’s ‘Nuniyya'”
Issa Boulos: “An Introduction to Arabic Music”
Munira Misbah: “The experience of the poet Fadwa Toukan in the rise to freedom”
Amahl Bishara: “The Writing on the Wall: Locating Palestinian Voices of Resistance in Western Agency Photography of the Separation Barrier”
Amina Mohamed: “The Slums of Cairo”
Osama Abu-Eledam: “Pages from the Life of Gibran Khalil Gibran”
Farouk Mustafa: “Recent Arabic Novels in Egypt”
Muhammad Eissa: “Memories of a Modern Azhari”
Kay Heikkinen: “A Personal Reading of ‘Season of Migration to the North’ by al-Tayyib Saleh”
Amy Ruszkiewicz: “My Big Adventure in Qatar”
Noha Forster: “The Sisters of the Mother of the World: A Video Trip Around the Arab World”
Ahmad Baasiri: “The Lebanon July War: Has it ended?”
Ahmed Hashem: “An Introduction to Arabic Dialects”
Kay Heikkinen: “How are the Egyptians these days? (Snapshots and Fleeting Glances)”
Farouk Mustafa: “My Trip to Cairo”
Toujan al-Faisal
Kay Heikkinen: “A Modern Egyptian Woman: Fathia al-Assal in her Autobiography”
Amina Mohamed: “Al-Zir Salim in History and Folktales”
Farouk Mustafa: “Translation and the Other”
Munira Misbah: “The Latest Work of Munira Misbah”
Orit Bashkin: “Abu Nawas in America”
Mahmoud Saeed: “Egypt Through Iraqi Eyes”
Hala El Badry: “My Experience with Writing”
Hayat Kara: “The Intellectual Dialogue in al-Andalus in the 7th/13th Century: Its Reflection in Sufi Poetry”
Kay Heikkinen, Noha Forster, and Hala Abdel Mobdy: “Egypt and the Things That Make Us Laugh and Cry: Summer 2015”
Tim Friese: “The Theme of Nostalgia in Lebanese Music of the Civil War Period”
Amani Aseel: “The Development of Women’s Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”
Lakhdar (Elkhidr) Choudar: “Algeria, a small portrait”
Hala El Badry: “Writing in the Time of Crisis”
Mahmoud Saeed: “Mosul in the Memoirs of Foreign Travelers”
Dr. Fatma Mohamed: “Arabic e-literature: its growth and special characteristics”
Mahmoud Saeed: “The hijab in the pre-modern Arab world”
Richard Nedjat: “Gulf Arabic Dialects: Their Fundamentals and Their Diversity”
Dr. Wajeh Abuzarefah: “Challenges Facing Young People in Gaza and How to Succeed”

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