Ahmed Alqarni: What makes language beautiful?

How do poets translate their thoughts and emotions into mere words which, when uttered, move us to laughter or tears, or bring us to share in their joy or their anger or their wonder? In this our second session of the quarter, we welcome Ahmad Alqarni, a student in mass communication at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. Mr. Alqarni is a native speaker from Saudi Arabia with a background in Arabic media. In this presentation, he interactively takes his audience through some of the elements behind what makes the language we speak—and the literary heritage we esteem (whatever our culture)—esthetically pleasing.

جماليات النصّ العربيّ

Esthetics of the Arabic Text

(Fall Quarter, Week 2 | 10 October 2014)

To listen, right-click here to download or use the following streaming bar:

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