Mariam Sheibani: Grammar of the heart

Surely, the (for some) cold and perhaps tedious subject of grammar has no affinity with the loftier purposes of Sufi aspirants. Our guest for this week, a PhD student in Islamic Thought in NELC, discusses an interesting and innovative hybrid genre of literature developed by some Sufi masters over centuries. (We hope to have a visual aid uploaded soon, so please check back if you’d like to have that while listening to this talk.) You may find the speaker’s presentation slides helpful as you listen (click here for them). Enjoy!

نحو القلوب: الشروح الصوفيّة على النحو العربي

The Grammar of the Heart: Sufi Commentaries on Arabic Grammar

(Winter Quarter, Week 4: 30 January 2015)

To listen, right-click here to download or use the following streaming bar:

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