Khalid Alhindi: Arabian scholarship before the Wahhabi movement

In this week’s meeting, our guest, an advanced law student in Chicago who has served for some time in the Saudi judiciary and comes from a family of scholars and lawyers extend back over a century, discusses the fascinating mosaic of scholarly activity in Arabia before and during the advent of the Wahhabi movement in the 18th century. The speaker draws from his own experience and research to discuss some history of a region that on balance receives relatively little attention from contemporary scholars.

النشاط العلمي في جزيرة العرب قبل الدعوة الوهابية

Khalid Alhindi
Scholarly Activity in Arabia before the Wahhabi Movement

(Winter Quarter, Week 6: 13 February 2015)

To listen, right-click here to download or use the following streaming bar:

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