Three new recordings: Amani Aseel, Lakhdar (Elkhidr) Choudar, Hala El Badry

We have recordings of three recent Arabic Circle meetings available for download:

23 Oct. 2015: Amani Aseel, “The Development of Women’s Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” Click here to listen.
NB: We encountered some technical difficulties in recording this session, with the result that there are glitches in the audio throughout the first eight minutes. There are also a couple of gaps in the recording, since part of the discussion was “off the record.”

30 Oct. 2015: Lakhdar (Elkhidr) Choudar, “Algeria, a small portrait.” Click here to listen.

6 Nov. 2015: Hala El Badry, “Writing in the Time of Crisis.” Click here to listen.

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