CHIMEFest 2020: CIRCULATIONS: Symposium on Live Audio Feedback in Art

The CHIME Studio at the University of Chicago presents CHIMEFest 2020: CIRCULATIONS: Symposium on Live Audio Feedback in Art, a gathering of artists and researchers from around the world working with audio feedback. The symposium will include a number of performances, sound installations, paper presentations, and a keynote address by Dr. Cathy van Eck, professor at the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland, and author of Between Air and Electricity.

Friday, February 28 & Saturday, February 29, 2020

All events are free and open to the public.

All events take place in the Logan Center Performance Penthouse, unless otherwise noted.

All of Friday & Saturday Audio Feedback installations at the MADD Center
Presented in collaboration with Commiserate: New Media Art Festival
• Jason Charney Equivocation
• Sean Russell Hallowell Autocymaticon
• Pétur Eggerts Electronic Music For People & Other Objects: Lyricism

Friday, February 28, 2020

9-10am Check in & coffee

10-11:20am Paper Session 1: Feedback in Context 
• 10:00am Florian Hollerweger: Controlled resonance: A sound engineering perspective on feedback
• 10:40am Ted Gordon: No Idea But In Things: Cybernetics and Materiality in Alvin Lucier’s Music for Solo Performer and Vespers

11:30am-1pm Lunch on own (and visit installations at MADD)

1-3pm Paper Session 2: Feedback in Practice 
• 1pm Sam Pluta: Multi-mapped Neural Networks for Control of Multidimensional Crossfeedback Synthesis Systems
• 1:40pm Ted Moore: Interference Patterns: analysis of interacting feedbacks in “hollow”
• 2:20pm Alexandria Smith: Chaos and Compromise:  Experimentations with Flugelhorn and Feedback

3:30-5pm Keynote Address by Cathy van Eck (Colloquium)
From Mistake to Music: Composing with Acoustic Feedback

5pm Colloquium Reception Penthouse Lobby

5-7pm Dinner on own (and visit installations at MADD)

7-8:30pm Concert 1
• Chris Hadley touch network (with Alex Lough, percussion)
• Kristopher Bendrick Semi-Human//Semi-Sentient
• Joo Won Park Large Intestine
• Scott L. Miller This Strange Fine-Tuning of Our Universe II (with Cole Pulice, saxophone)

Saturday, February 29, 2020

11am Concert 2
• Brett Masteller Warren unsound (with Julie Licata)
• Viola Yip Lazy Studies
• Hunter Brown & Dominic Coles improvisation
• Marcel Zaes Setting #26 (with megaphone ensemble: Alejandro T. Acierto, Darlene Castro, Oliver Hickman, Stephan Moore, Olivia Valentine, Cathy van Eck, and Viola Yip)

12:30-1:30pm Lunch on own (and visit installations at MADD)

1:30-3:30pm Paper Session 3: Ecological Feedback
1:30pm Daniel Belgrad: Ecological Implications of Live Audio Feedback
2:10pm Volker Straebel: When acoustic feedback left the stage
2:50pm Lauren Hayes: Sounding Out Spaces

5:30-7:30pm visit between systems and ground performance Logan 802
by Paula Matthusen & Olivia Valentine

6-7:30pm Reception (with food) Penthouse Lobby

7:30-9pm Concert 3 Penthouse
• Cathy van Eck empty chairs
• Oliver Hickman Sonorous Noise (with laptop orchestra: Jason Charney, Lauren Sarah Hayes, Oliver Hickman, Brett Masteller, Viola Yip, and Marcel Zaes)
• Barry Moon & Doug Nottingham Castaway
• Alejandro Acierto Our proximities are tethered with time