CHIMEFest 2018

On April 5 and 6, 2018, CHIME hosts CHIMEFest, a festival of concerts and talks co-presented by CHIME, The Department of Music, and theĀ Arts, Science & Culture Initiative.

The event features performances by pianist Daniel Pesca and Spektral Quartet, a talk on the music of Maryanne Amacher by Prof Amy Cimini (UCSD), concerts of music by students from UChicago, Northwestern, UIllinois, and Western Michigan, and a special concert of rarely heard works by Maryanne Amacher and Peter Ablinger that blur the boundary between Sound Art and Music.

All concerts and talks will take place in the Logan Center Penthouse, on the 9th floor of the Logan Center.


April 5

4:30pm – Concert No. 1 – Fixed Media and Extended Pianos

music by Somi Yoon, Matt Test, Bradley Robin, Sam Clapp, Sonja Li, Zhaoyu Zhang, Igor Santos and Paul Beckman

featuring Daniel Pesca, piano

7:00pm – Concert No. 2 – The Augmented String Quartet

music by Kevin Kay, Eric Zurbin, Carolyn Borcherding, Ralph Lewis, and Ted Moore

featuring Spektral Quartet

April 6

2:00pm – Concert No. 3 – Multi-Channel Electronics

music by Michael Flynn, David Nguyen, Evan Leffert, Elliott Lupp, M.O. Abbott, Dennis Deovides Reyes III, Dan Dehaan, and Nicholas Cline

4:30pm – Colloquium Talk

Amy Cimini – Maryanne Amacher’s Wild Sound

Professor Amy Cimini of the University of California at San Diego gives a talk about the music of electronic composer Maryanne Amacher

6:00pm – Reception

7:00pm – Concert No. 4 – Sound Art/Music

music by Maryanne Amacher and Peter Ablinger

featuring Daniel Pesca, piano and Sam Pluta, electronic diffusion