The CHIME Studio (Chicago Integrated Media Experimental Studio) is a vital creative space in the Music Department at the University of Chicago. Directed by composer, improviser, and sound artist Sam Pluta, the studio is focused on creativity in the many realms of electronic music and its integration with other media.

Spring 2018 CHIME Festival

The University of Chicago CHIME Studio invites students from U Chicago, U Illinois, Northwestern, and Western Michigan to participate in a two day festival of electronic and electro-acoustic music.

The festival will be held on April 5 and 6, 2018 at the Logan Center at the University of Chicago. Those interested should petition to their own faculty member, who will curate participation: Eli Fieldsteel, Christ Mercer, Christopher Biggs, and Sam Pluta.

The following resources will be available at the festival:

8 Channel Sound System

Microphones, gear, etc

High quality projector and screen

DIY electronic, Composer-Performed, and fixed media works are welcome!

There will also be a limited number of opportunities to write pieces for pianist-in-residence Daniel Pesca and members of Spektral Quartet. Please be in touch with your local faculty member to request instrumentation. This is a limited opportunity and only a small number of slots will be available with the instrumentalists.

All pieces involving instruments are due to the players no later than Feb 5, 2018.