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  • New Blog!

    The Elucidations blog is moving! Time to set your bookmarks to the new URL: https://elucidations.now.sh

  • Transcript: Episode 119 with Stephanie Kapusta

    Thanks to Caroline Wall for another brilliantly executed transcript. I hope you enjoy the written version!

  • Episode 120: Robin Dembroff on going beyond the gender binary

    This month, I talk to Robin Dembroff (Yale University) about the gender binary: what it is, what people mean when they say they’re outside of it, and what political motivation there may be for resisting it. Click on this link to download Episode 120 of Elucidations. ‘Gender binary’ is a funny term. It sounds like […]

  • Transcript: Episode 118 with Tyler Cowen

    This is the first in our series of interview transcripts, courtesy of the awesomely talented Caroline Wall. You can listen along as you’re reading by downloading the episode here. Enjoy!

  • Episode 119: Stephanie Kapusta discusses misgendering

    This month, Henry Curtis and I talk to Stephanie Kapusta (Dalhousie University) about misgendering. Click here to download the episode. In the ordinary sense of the term, misgendering is when someone addresses someone else in a way that corresponds to the wrong gender. Like if Elizabeth Warren was on the street in front of me, […]

  • Episode 118: Tyler Cowen discusses stubborn attachments

    This month, we’re joined by Tyler Cowen (Professor of Economics at George Mason University), to talk about utilitarianism, economic growth, and the future. Click here to listen to our conversation. Utilitarianism is the name we give a family of normative ethical theories, most of which are variations on the idea that doing the right thing […]

  • Further Reading on plagiarism

    So first, Brian L. Frye’s own work on plagiarism is super interesting and I highly recommend it: “Plagiarism Is Not A Crime,” Brian L. Frye Next, Professor Frye recommends the following recent pieces of writing on the topic: “The Case for Plagiarism,” Andrew Carter“Against Academic Rentiership,” Steve Fuller“Neurologist Oliver Sacks on Memory, Plagiarism, and the […]

  • Episode 117: Brian L. Frye says to plagiarize this podcast

    This month, we talk to Brian L. Frye (University of Kentucky College of Law) about how we deal with and react to plagiarism. Click here to listen to our conversation. Plagiarism is obviously terrible, and plagiarizers should be punished to the full extent of the law. Or should they? Our guest this month thinks there […]

  • Further Reading on black male studies

    Tommy Curry has very generously provided an ample list of reading recommendations, for those of you who are interested in following up on our previous episode. Chetty, Hendren, Jones, and Porter, ‘Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States: An Intergenerational Perspective‘ Veenstra, ‘The Gendered Nature of Discriminatory Experiences by Race, Class, and Sexuality‘ Purdie-Vaughs […]

  • Episode 116: Tommy Curry discusses black male studies

    This month, we sit down with Tommy Curry (University of Edinburgh currently; Texas A&M at the time of the recording) to discuss a new area of academic research called black male studies. You can see his full bio at the end of this entry, and you can click here to listen to our conversation. When […]

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