Further Reading on black male studies

Tommy Curry has very generously provided an ample list of reading recommendations, for those of you who are interested in following up on our previous episode.

Chetty, Hendren, Jones, and Porter, ‘Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States: An Intergenerational Perspective

Veenstra, ‘The Gendered Nature of Discriminatory Experiences by Race, Class, and Sexuality

Purdie-Vaughs and Eibach, ‘Intersectional Invisibility

Assari, ‘Educational Attainment Better Protects African American Women than African American Men Against Depressive Symptoms and Psychological Distress

Assari, ‘Interaction Between Race and Gender on Implicit Racial Bias Against Blacks

Sidanius, Social Dominance

Harnois, ‘Race, Gender, and the Black Women’s Standpoint

Curry and Hutley, ‘She Touched Me: Five Snapshots of Adult Sexual Violations of Black Boys

Jones, ‘Gendercide and genocide

McConnaughy and White, ‘Racial Politics Complicated

Pratto and Stewart, ‘Social Dominance Theory

Eagly and Kite, ‘Are Stereotypes of Nationalities Applied to Both Men and Women?

Happy reading!
Matt Teichman






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