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  1. Paul Rivetti says

    Hi Matt,
    I really enjoy your podcast. How about an episode on counterfactual conditionals and how they are applied. I majored in history but your podcast makes philosophy interesting. Counterfactuals are one topic that I find difficult.

    • Matt Teichman says

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for listening! Very glad to hear you enjoy the podcast. We’ve actually just recorded a whole episode on counterfactuals with Paolo Santorio, though it isn’t going to come out for a while. (Paolo’s work on counterfactuals is superb.) I can definitely see why you’d be interested in counterfactuals as a historian! There’s been some interesting work on the role of counterfactuals in historiography specficially, which I can try to dig up the references on if you’re interested.

      In the meanwhile, here’s a paper on counterfactuals that I really like:

      If you find that one too formal/technical, the opening two chapters of David Lewis’ book, Counterfactuals, are a little more accessible and always a lot of fun to read. Hopefully as the field develops, more people will step up to the plate and write some fully introductory textbook-style material on some of these core topics in philosophical logic.

  2. Neil MacKenzie says

    Hi Matt, I’m listening to Elucidations, currently up to #70, think they’re great, would happily post a review/recommendation as requested but don’t know how to. I access the podcasts via website, not iTunes. Have looked at iTunes but don’t see any reviews. Please advise.
    Neil MacKenzie.
    PS I came to Elucidations via a recommendation from Peter Adamson’s history of philosophy podcasts.

  3. Mitchell Marks says

    Hi Matt,

    Have you considered doing an Elucidations episode with Christine Korsgaard? I was reminded of her interesting take on animal rights by a mention in a recent New Yorker article on that topic,

    Actually, I imagined you had already done so and that I had heard it! But the Search on this site doesn’t turn anything up. (Likely it was … erm … Philosophy Bites.) I may have mentally linked that to Elucidations because of her former UChicago connection.


    ==Mitch Marks

    • Mitchell Marks says

      Following up on where I heard her interviewed on a podcast, it was indeed as speculated on Philosophy Bites:

      Both the New Yorker and this Philosophy Bites blurb (and if I recall correctly, the introduction in the audio) mention Harvard but not her previous affiliation here at UChicago. I don’t really suppose that means she owes you an interview … but you could try out that appeal! 🙂

      ==Mitch Marks

      • Matt Teichman says

        Hi, Mitch!

        Thanks for the suggestion. Korsgaard is a brilliant philosopher and absolutely at the top of my list to have on as a guest. Hopefully she will pass through town before too long and will have time to record one with me!


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