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  1. Paul Rivetti says

    Hi Matt,
    I really enjoy your podcast. How about an episode on counterfactual conditionals and how they are applied. I majored in history but your podcast makes philosophy interesting. Counterfactuals are one topic that I find difficult.

    • Matt Teichman says

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for listening! Very glad to hear you enjoy the podcast. We’ve actually just recorded a whole episode on counterfactuals with Paolo Santorio, though it isn’t going to come out for a while. (Paolo’s work on counterfactuals is superb.) I can definitely see why you’d be interested in counterfactuals as a historian! There’s been some interesting work on the role of counterfactuals in historiography specficially, which I can try to dig up the references on if you’re interested.

      In the meanwhile, here’s a paper on counterfactuals that I really like:

      If you find that one too formal/technical, the opening two chapters of David Lewis’ book, Counterfactuals, are a little more accessible and always a lot of fun to read. Hopefully as the field develops, more people will step up to the plate and write some fully introductory textbook-style material on some of these core topics in philosophical logic.

  2. Neil MacKenzie says

    Hi Matt, I’m listening to Elucidations, currently up to #70, think they’re great, would happily post a review/recommendation as requested but don’t know how to. I access the podcasts via website, not iTunes. Have looked at iTunes but don’t see any reviews. Please advise.
    Neil MacKenzie.
    PS I came to Elucidations via a recommendation from Peter Adamson’s history of philosophy podcasts.

  3. Mitchell Marks says

    Hi Matt,

    Have you considered doing an Elucidations episode with Christine Korsgaard? I was reminded of her interesting take on animal rights by a mention in a recent New Yorker article on that topic,

    Actually, I imagined you had already done so and that I had heard it! But the Search on this site doesn’t turn anything up. (Likely it was … erm … Philosophy Bites.) I may have mentally linked that to Elucidations because of her former UChicago connection.


    ==Mitch Marks

    • Mitchell Marks says

      Following up on where I heard her interviewed on a podcast, it was indeed as speculated on Philosophy Bites:

      Both the New Yorker and this Philosophy Bites blurb (and if I recall correctly, the introduction in the audio) mention Harvard but not her previous affiliation here at UChicago. I don’t really suppose that means she owes you an interview … but you could try out that appeal! 🙂

      ==Mitch Marks

      • Matt Teichman says

        Hi, Mitch!

        Thanks for the suggestion. Korsgaard is a brilliant philosopher and absolutely at the top of my list to have on as a guest. Hopefully she will pass through town before too long and will have time to record one with me!


  4. Peter says

    This is by far the best podcast about (hardcore) philosophy I have listened to. I recently built a homepage where philosophy is discussed and I have links to your podcast which is updated through rss feeds for trying to support it.
    My forum are mostly for a swedish audience but I hope to develope it further for a wider group. I hope you continue your excellent work! I also hope you will have an episode about the liars paradox (I dont think you have it yet?)
    Keep up the great work!!

  5. BuddyBoss says

    Where can I find the link to listen to the podcast. Kindly help.

  6. Matt Teichman says

    Hi! Thanks for your interest.

    One simple way is to go to our show page at Pippa and click on the episode you want to hear:

    If you like what you hear and would like to hear it regularly, you can also subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or any podcast Android or iOS app by searching for ‘Elucidations.’

    Our iTunes page is here:

    Stitcher page here:

    Please feel free to follow up if you have any other questions or suggestions.

  7. Mukesh Patel says

    Please tell me, where can I find the link to listen to the podcast.

  8. Suresh chowdary says

    Really nice social groups podcast by Katherine Ritchie ..!

  9. Satish Kumar Ithamsetty says

    The podcasts are really good. thanks

  10. dreampirates says

    The podcasts are really good. thanks

  11. Peter says

    Hey Matt, how are you? Peter here I just want to tell you that your podcast is very useful. I hope you will share more in the future…cheers buddy..

  12. Tryootech says

    Hi Matt,
    I not getting your podcast on Spotify. As I was searching for a while and not getting so thought of connecting with you. I am from India and the majority of people use Spotify over iTunes.

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