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Translations of Alexander Veselovsky’s work (except translations published in his lifetime)

Into English:

  • A. N. Veselovsky, «On the Methods and Aims of Literary History as a Science» (1870), Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature 16 (1967) 33-42; translation by Harry Weber.
  • A. N. Veselovskii, «“Istoricheskaia poetika (“A Historical Poetics”) Chapter 1, Section 8», New Literary History 32 (2001) 409-428; translation by Ian M. Helfant.
  • A. N. Veselovsky, «Envisioning World Literature in 1863: From the Reports on a Mission Abroad», PMLA 128.2 (2013) 439-451; translation by Jennifer Flaherty, edited by Boris Maslov.
  • A. N. Veselovsky, «From the Introduction to Historical Poetics: Questions and Answers» (1894), Forthcoming in Ilya Kliger and Boris Maslov, eds. Persistent Forms: Explorations in Historical Poetics; translated and edited by Boris Maslov. PDF Download.
  • A. N. Veselovsky, «The Age of Sensibility» (Chapter 1 of V.A. Zhukovsky: The Poetry of the Sentiment and of the “Heart’s Imagination”, 1904), Forthcoming in Ilya Kliger and Boris Maslov, eds. Persistent Forms: Explorations in Historical Poetics; translated and edited by Boris Maslov; verse translations by Lev Blumenfeld. Revised PDF Download

Into Italian:

  • Alexandr N. Veselovskij, Poetica storica, translated and annotated by Claudia Giustini, Rome 1981.

Secondary literature on Alexander Veselovsky’s work in languages other than Russian:

In English:

  • Viktor M. Zhirmunsky, “On the Study of Comparative Literature,” Oxford Slavonic Papers 13 (1967) 1-13.
  • Victor Erlich, Russian Formalism: History – Doctrine, The Hague 1969, 26-32.
  • Dionýz Ďurišin, Theory of Literary Comparatistics, Bratislava 1984, 28-40.
  • Igor Shaitanov, «Aleksandr Veselovskii’s Historical Poetics: Genre in Historical Poetics», New Literary History 32 (2001) 429-443.
  • Andy Byford, “The Rhetoric of Alexander Veselovskii’s ‘Historical Poetics’ and the Autonomy of Academic Literary Studies in Late Imperial Russia,” Slavonica 11.2 (2005) 115-132.
  • Boris Maslov, “Comparative Literature and Revolution, or the Many Arts of (Mis)reading Alexander Veselovsky, ” forthcoming in Compar(a)ison. Download

In Italian:

  • Viktor  Žirmunskij, “La poetica storica di A. N. Veselovskij” (1940), in Alexandr N. Veselovskij, Poetica storica, Roma 1981, 9-51.
  • Valentina Rossi, “La Poetica storica di A. N. Veselovskij dal 1940 al 1959. La storia delle edizioni di un libro mai scritto,” Annali della scuola normale superiore di Pisa. Classe di lettere e filosofia. Ser. III. Vol. XX, 1 (1990) 319-361.
  • G. B. Bronzini, “Matrice romantica e sviluppi antropologici della ‘poetica storica’ di A.N.Veselovskij,” La Ricerca Folklorica 33 (1996) 3-10.
  • Renzo Rabboni, “Per una bibliografia italiana di A. N. Veselovskij: gli studi sulla letteratura e sul folclore,” Schede umanistiche 16.1 (2002), 7-88.
  • Sergio Mazzanti, “La ricezione di Aleksandr N. Veselovskij in Italia,”  Ricerche slavistiche 11 [57] (2013): 369-425.

In French:

  • Victor Girmounsky, «Les courants littéraires en tant que phénomènes internationaux», in N. Banašević (ed.), Actes du Ve Congrès de l’Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée, Belgrade 1967, 3-21. Download
  • Michel Espagne, “Les sources allemandes des poétiques psychologiques en Russie du XIXe siècle: Veselovski, Buslaev, Jirmounski,” Revue d’Histoire des Sciences Humaines 21.2 (2009) 55-67.

Bibliographies of Veselovsky’s work (in Russian):

  • Ukazatel’ k nauchnym trudam Aleksandra Nikolaevicha Veselovskago, 1859-1895, St. Petersburg 1896. Download from Google Books.
  • «Spisok trudov akademika A. N. Veselovskogo: 1859-1906», in Pamiati akademika Aleksandra Nikolaevicha Veselovskogo: po sluchaiu desiatiletiia so dnia ego smerti (1906-1916), Petrograd 1921, 1-68 (special pagination).
  • A. N. Veselovskii, Izbrannoe: Na puti k istoricheskoi poetike, ed. Igor Shaitanov, Moscow 2010, 654-672 (includes literature on Veselovsky).

Veselovsky’s Student Reports from Abroad (Iz otchetov o zagranichnykh komandirovkakh)

[Russian originals; all publications from Zhurnal Ministerstva Narodnogo Prosveshcheniia]




Russian criticism on Veselovsky (scanned documents)

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