2015 Program

Location: Logan Center for the Arts (Seminar Terrace Room, 8th floor)

Welcoming reception (6:00-8:00pm)
Sponsored by The ARTFL Project

Location: Regenstein 122

Continental Breakfast (8:30-9:00am)

Introductory Remarks and Welcome (9:00-9:15am)
H. Birali Runesha (Assistant Vice-President for Research Computing,  Director of the Research Computing Center, University of Chicago)

Session 1: Data Mining of Literary Corpora (9:15-10:45am)
Chair: Hoyt Long (University of Chicago)

  • Employing a Machine Learning Approach to Named Entity Recognition in an Early English Text
    Sylvester A. Johnson, William R. Parod, Philip Burns, Jacob Collins, Katherine Poland, Evan Lee, Michael Edmond, Matthew Smith, and Jeffrey Wheatley (Northwestern University)
  • Data Mining the American Literary Canon: Metacanon.org and Quantitative Canon Analysis
    Nathaniel Conroy (Brown University)
  • Big Textual Data in Undergraduate Student Writing for Literature Courses: Affordances of the HathiTrust Research Center’s Extracted Features Dataset
    Sayan Bhattacharyya, Boris Capitanu, Peter Organisciak, Loretta Auvil, Colleen Fallaw, and J. Stephen Downie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Keynote Address by Gregory Crane (University of Leipzig, Tufts University) (11:00am-12:00pm)
Introduced by Helma Dik (University of Chicago)

Lunch (12:00-1:00pm)
Location: Regenstein A11
Lunch provided

Session 2: Algorithmic Approaches (1:00-2:30pm)
Chair: Stephen Ramsay (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

  • Using Bioinformatic Algorithms to Analyze Modernist Urdu Poetry
    A. Sean Pue (Michigan State University), C. Titus Brown (University of California, Davis), Tracy K. Teal (Data Carpentry)
  • CarrinaCongress: Information Visualization Techniques to Compare Online Identities of the Members of Congress
    Athir Mahmud (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Early Modern Information Overload: Commonplaces and Compilations in Eighteenth Century Collections Online
    Clovis Gladstone (University of Chicago), Robert Morrissey (University of Chicago), Mark Olsen (University of Chicago), and Glenn Roe (Australian National University)

Poster Session (2:30-4:00pm)

  • Uniting Access to Chicago’s Archives: Explore Chicago Collections
    Tracy Seneca (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Margaret Heller (Loyola University)
  • Resurrecting Obsolete Media as #UndeadTech: a Crowdsourcing Initiative to Forestall the Digital Dark Age
    Nicole Finzer and Laura Alagna (Northwestern University)
  • Using Digital Writing Platforms and Vocabulary Databases to Facilitate and Improve Student Writing
    Elizabeth Dolly Weber and Abigail Stahl (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Revisiting #1ReasonWhy: Curating the Canon
    Michael Anthony DeAnda, Xi Rao, and Jodi Houlihan (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Camel Tours
    Virginia Gresham and Julia Proft (Connecticut College)
  • Digitizing the Jingdian shiwen《經典釋文》: Deriving a Lexical Database from Ancient Glosses
    Jeffrey Tharsen and Hantao Wang (University of Chicago)
  • OCHRE: The Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment
    Miller Prosner (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)
  • The Doxilog Project, an Educational Computer App
    Yvon Bordet (Université de Franche-Comté)

Session 3: Network Analysis (4:00-5:00pm)
Chair: Elizabeth Dolly Weber (University of Illinois at Chicago)

  • Visualizing and Analyzing Identity Classes in Evolving Social Structures
    J. R. Hott, W. N. Martin, and K. Flake (University of Virginia)
  • Graphing Character Networks: The Example of Hugo’s Les Misérables
    Michal P. Ginsburg (Northwestern University)

Keynote Address by Tara McPherson (University of Southern California) (5:15pm-6:15pm)
“DH By Design”
Introduced by Carly Kocurek (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Reception (6:15-8:00pm)

Location: Regenstein 122

Continental Breakfast (8:30-9:00am)

Session 4: Visualizing Scholarship (9:00-10:30am)
Chair: Carly Kocurek (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  • Narrative Video Games as Scholarly Public History
    James Coltrain and Stephen Ramsay (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • Stereo Vision: Visualizing the Phantom Image
    Cheryl Spinner (Duke University)
  • Integrative 3D Recording Methods of Historic Architecture
    Aaron Pattee (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Session 5: Challenges in Digital Humanities and Computer Science (10:45am-12:15pm)
Chair: Helma Dik (University of Chicago)

  • Use Your “Noodle”: Thinking about Intradisciplinarity at NUHDL, the Northwestern University Digital Humanities Laboratory
    Jillana Enteen and Michael J. Kramer (Northwestern University)
  • Taxonomies Are Data, Too: Dealing with Ontological Heterogeneity in Digital Humanities
    David Schloen (University of Chicago)
  • Towards Sustainable Digital Humanities Software
    George K. Thiruvathukal, Shilpika, Nicholas Hayward, Saulo Aguiar, Konstantin Läufer (Loyola University)

Break (12:15-1:00pm)

Workshop Session by the Hathi Trust Research Center (1:00pm-4:00pm)
Using the HathiTrust Research Center’s Tools for Text Analysis
Eleanor Dickson and Sayan Bhattacharyya (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

This program will be updated in the weeks leading up to the event.