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  • Meet an Alum- Jenny Gavacs (MA ’05)

      What was your favorite thing about your MAPH year? Although Jay’s eyebrows and Candace’s cats are up there, I think my favorite times were when I was sitting in Third World Cafe writing and other MAPHers would end up coming by to share their work or talk over the Core readings.   What were […]

  • Learning How to Read with Browne & Miller: Emily Nordling on her MAPH Internship

    Before my internship with Browne and Miller Literary Associates, I had glimpsed the world of publishing from a few different angles. However, from my first day setting foot in the historic Fine Arts building in downtown Chicago, I discovered that my work as writer, editor, and reviewer barely gleaned the surface of this vast and […]

  • Colloquium Launch Party – November 15 – Sign up now!

      The editors of Colloquium invite you to the Third Issue Launch Party/First Birthday Party!   REGISTER HERE to save yourself a spot.  

  • Molly Foltyn (’13) on the Browne & Miller Internship: Book People

    When I was an undergrad, I interned at a production company in Los Angeles.  I answered phones, made sure the coffee pot was always full, battled daily with the copy machine, and was once awarded the great responsibility of driving to Saks Fifth Avenue to pick up not one, but three pairs of pants for […]

  • Greg Langen on The Odyssey Project Internship: Freedom and its Discontents

    Check out MAPH Alumnus Greg Langen’s (’13) reflections on his internship at the Odyssey Project. Also be sure to see the Odyssey Project’s latest issue of In Medias Res, edited by Greg Langen.    A liberal arts education is, on the graduation speech level, freedom granting. With the powers of critical thinking and a strong (passable) handle […]

  • Meet an Alum: Gianna Mosser

    Gianna Mosser came to MAPH directly from the University of Miami. She graduated summa cum laude in three years and moved to Chicago in the fall of 2004. “I started MAPH not long after my 21st birthday,”she explained to me by phone. “I was actually told by some of the staff at the time: wow […]

  • Contrary Magazine Honored

    Contrary Magazine was named in the Writer’s Digest list of the Top 50 Online Literary Journals in their new November-December issue. Contrary is the online literary journal founded by MAPH alumni in 20o3 and many MAPH alumni have been published in Contrary. MAPH writing advisor, Jeff McMahon, is quoted in the article. Congratulations to Contrary […]

  • How I Sold My Thesis

    Our alum Anna Jarzab, AM ’07, has just sold her thesis to a publisher, and she has graciously taken the time to share a little bit of that adventure with us. -Braden Even though I knew I wanted to write a creative thesis for MAPH, I never intended to write the project I ended up […]

  • MAPH Alum Blogger Strikes Fame (or at least recognition)

    Joel Witmer, graduate of MAPH in 2007 spent many of his MAPH days like the rest of us, slaving at the Regenstein, reading and “unpacking” scholarly articles, trying to make some sort of argumentative claim…about anything, really. But, while the rest of us spent our free time at Jimmy’s, Joel was working furiously on his […]

  • Book Reviews. Book Reviews?

    There are seven book reviews in the new issue of Contrary magazine, and five are written by former maphers: Contrary Reviews Would you like to join them? If so, please send the editor, Yours Truly, a note to get the details: chicago[at]contrarymagazine[dot]com. Contrary‘s readership seemed to peak with just over 210,000 page views over three […]