MAPH Alum Blogger Strikes Fame (or at least recognition)

Joel Witmer, graduate of MAPH in 2007 spent many of his MAPH days like the rest of us, slaving at the Regenstein, reading and “unpacking” scholarly articles, trying to make some sort of argumentative claim…about anything, really. But, while the rest of us spent our free time at Jimmy’s, Joel was working furiously on his Ohio-based sports blog, The Disappointment Zone…and then coming to Jimmy’s.

As a dedicated fan of all Ohio sports, Joel has been a bit, well, down since the bad fate of the Indians during the baseball playoffs. But as it would go, this bad string of sports luck has brought Mr. Witmer a bit of good luck, an event that he calls, “the only silver lining to a very dark cloud.” With his analysis of the game and the specific failures of the players, Joel’s blog was mentioned and quoted at length in The Wall Street Journal on October 22. Joel’s blog was also linked on Deadspin, an extremely popular sports blog.

Perhaps this one tragic loss will result in the fame and fortune of our fellow MAPH Alum.



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