Dissertation directed

  • Jacob Phillips: Dynamics of Sibilant Convergence and Change (In progress)
  • Betsy Pillion: Properties of Non-Phonemic Clicks (In progress, Lenore Grenoble, co-chair)
  • Christina Weaver: Emphasis in Turoyo (2019)
  • Katie Franich (Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences, University of Delaware)The interaction of accent, rhythmic structure, and tone in Medʉmb (2017)
  • Julia Thomas Swan (Assistant Professor in LInguistics, San Jose State University): Examining the effects of linguistic and social information on perception: Evidence from /ae/ in the Pacific Northwest (2016)
  • James P. Kirby (Reader, Department of Linguistics & English Language, University of Edinburgh): The role of probabilistic enhancement in phonologization (2010)
  • Fang Liu (Associate Professor, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading): Question intonation in Mandarin and English: A functional approach (2009)
  • Gregory Davidson: Modeling static and dynamic vocal fold asymmetries (2009)

Dissertation committee

  • Britta Ingebretson (Assistant Professor of Sociolinguistics, Fordham University, starting September 2019): Curating Value: The Politics of Language and Leisure in Huangshan, China (2019, Sue Gal, chair)
  • Rachel LehrA Descriptive Grammar of Pashai: The Language and Speech Community of Darrai Nur (2014, Amy Dahlstrom, chair)
  • Ryan Bochnak (Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of British Columbia, starting January 2020): Cross-linguistic variation in the semantics of comparatives (2013, Chris Kennedy, chair)
  • Aaron Braver (Associate Professor of Linguistics, Texas Tech University): Degrees of incompleteness in neutralization: Paradigm uniformity in a phonetics with weighted constraints (2013, Rutgers, external examiner; Shigeto Kawahara, chair)
  • Andy Dombrowski: Phonological aspects of language contact along the Slavic periphery (2013, Victor Friedman, chair)
  • Morgan Sonderegger (Associate Professor of Linguistics, McGill University): Phonetic and phonological dynamics on reality television (2012, John Goldsmith, chair)

MA theses advised

  • Jonathon E. Cihlar: Database development for language documentation: A case study in the Washo language (2008)
  • Holman B. Tse: The phonetics of VOT and tone interaction in Cantonese (2005)
  • Anthony Yu: English language persistence in post-1997 Hong Kong: Subaltern support for hierarchical diglossia (M.A. in the Committee on International Relations, 2005)

BA theses advised

  • Rafael Abramovitz: Postsyntactic vowel harmony in Chauchu Koryak (2015)
  • Matthew Faytak: The phonetics and phonology of fricative vowels: A typological perspective (2011)
  • Ed King: Generation effects on vowel production in Latvian-English bilinguals in Chicago (2009)
  • Nicholas Kontovas: An analysis of recent loans into the Standard Uyghur lexicon: What semantic distribution and phonological interpretation reveal about transmission environment (2008)
  • Justin Murphy: Moraic alignment of f0 in Washo (2007)
  • Eric Morley: Washo stress assignment and suffix ordering (2007)
  • Jeremy O’Brian: Consonants in Cantonese loanword adaptation (2006)
  • Marvin Lowenthal: Variable placement in Homeric infixation (2006)
  • Sun Mi Fountain: The benefits of implementing Hanja studies in Korean foreign language courses (2005)
  • Ted Strauss: Speech perception and the exemplar model of categorization (McGill University, 2003)