Professor of Linguistics and the College
Director of the UChicago Phonology Laboratory
Co-Editor-in-Chief of Laboratory Phonology.
Department of Linguistics
University of Chicago

Email: aclyu AT uchicago DOT edu
Phone: 773 702-8522
Mail: 1115 E. 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637
Office: Rosenwald 205F
CV (as of December, 2021)

Research Interests

I am a phonologist primarily interested in questions related to language variation and change. I am particularly interested in tackling the so-called actuation problem: why did a given linguistic change occur at the particular place and particular time, especially if the linguistic conditions favoring the particular change are always present? I approach this question from the point of view of individual differences, focusing particularly on how differences in neuro-/socio-cognition lead to variability in perceptual and production norms across individuals and how such variability relates to socio-indexical factors. I am also interested in Cantonese and Washo, a Native American language spoken in California and Nevada. In my spare time, I also work on the morphology-phonology interface, my first love in linguistics.