William Colvin Professor of Linguistics and the College
Director of the UChicago Phonology Laboratory
Co-General Editor of Laboratory Phonology.
Department of Linguistics
University of Chicago

Email: aclyu AT uchicago DOT edu
Phone: 773 702-8522
Mail: 1115 E. 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637
Office: Rosenwald 205F
CV (as of September, 2022)
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Research Interests

My research focuses on questions related to language variation and change, particularly from the perspectives of phonetics and phonology. I am most interested in tackling the so-called “actuation problem.” That is, why a given linguistic change occurs at the particular place and time, especially if the linguistic conditions favoring the particular change are always present? I approach this question by elucidating the mechanisms underlying individual differences at the phonetic and phonological levels (i.e. the individual differences in perceptual and production grammars), focusing particularly on how perceptual and production norms vary across individuals and how such variability relates to socio-indexical and neuro-cognitive factors.