William Colvin Professor of Linguistics and the College
Chair, Department of Linguistics
Director of the UChicago Phonology Laboratory
Co-General Editor of Laboratory Phonology.
Department of Linguistics
University of Chicago

Email: aclyu AT uchicago DOT edu
Phone: 773 702-8522
Mail: 1115 E. 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637
Office: Rosenwald 205F
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Research Interests

My research addresses questions concerning the processing and production of speech and how such processes can not only shape the phonological system of a language, but constrained by it. My work has primarily focused on questions related to language variation and change, with special attention to the mechanisms underlying individual differences at the phonetic and phonological levels. Topics I have investigated include the perception and production of coarticulation, the perception-production link, and phonetic convergence/imitation, among others. I tackle these questions with a wide range of methodologies, including linguistic fieldwork and traditional phonetic/laboratory phonology methods ranging from acoustical and aerodynamic investigations to more recently developed approaches such as sociophonetic, eye-tracking, and neurophysiological techniques.