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Past Lectures:

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  • January 11:  “Waiting for the Tear Gas, Allan Sekula’s and the 1999 WTO Protests,” Modern Language Convention, Seattle, Washington.
  • February 14:  “Ship of Fools,” Townsend Lecture University of California, Berkeley.  Postponed until October 31, 2020.
  • March 22-30:  University of Ghent, Belgium.  “Metapictures” exhibition at Vandenhove Museum; Conversation with Antony Gormley on “Infinite Cube.”  Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • April 27-June 14:  Lectures in Milan, Paris, Brussels, Utrecht, Bremen, Barcelona, and Galway cancelled due to the pandemic. 
  • July 16-August 20:  USC/Getty Seminar cancelled due to the pandemic.


  • January 6:  “Boycotts and Non-violence,”  Modern Language Association session
  • February 15:  “Iconology 3.0,” Tulane University, New Orleans
  • March 15-22:  “Museums and Other Monsters,” keynote to conference of Municipal Museums, Florence, Italy.  “Present Tense: An Iconology of Time,” Museo Contemporaneo, Florence.
  • April 23: “Teaching with Technology,” keynote address for Canvas symposium at University of Chicago.
  • July 22-August 16:  Getty/USC Seminar on Visual Culture
  • October 3-4:  “Present Tense:  Time, Madness, Democracy,”  University of Nevada, Las Vegas, organizer: Tim Erwin
  • October 18:  “Present Tense:  An Iconology of Time,” University of Michigan.  Organizer: Elizabeth McNeill.
  • October 19:  “Present Tense,” Humanities Day Lecture, University of Chicago
  • November 15:  “Ship of Fools:  Planetary Madness,”  Princeton University, Art History Department.


  • March 8:  Landscape, Public Space, and the Debate over the Obama Center.  Symposium at the University of Chicago, telecast on CAN-TV
  • March 10-25:  Milan, Turin, Palermo, Berlin
  • March 12-15:  Three lectures at IULM (Institute for Literature and Media) Milan, Italy:  “Metapictures,” “Method, Madness, Montage,” “Ship of Fools.”  Organizer Vincenzo Trione
  • March 16:  Galleria Arte Moderne (GAM), Turin.  “Ship of Fools.”  Organizer, Federico Vercellone.
  • March 19:   “The Lives of Images,” University of Palermo conference, Pasqualino Museum of Puppetry.
  • March 21:  “Method, Madness, Montage,” Zentrum fur Literatur-und Kultur Forschungen.
  • March 22:  “Image Science,” Haus der Kulturen der Welt.
  • April 6:   “About Face,” keynote address to conference on “The Politics of Face,” University of Rennes, Rennes, France
  • April 18-22:  Distinguished Visiting Humanist, University of Rochester.  Three lectures:  “Cinemania: Madness and the Moving Image”;  “Madness and Media”;  “Ship of Fools.”
  • June 14-16:  “Method, Madness, Montage,” University of Heidelberg.
  • July 23-August 24:  “Introduction to Visual Culture,” four week seminar sponsored by the Getty Research Institute and the University of Southern California.  Organized by Vanessa Schwartz.
  • September 4-11:  “Metapictures,” Exhibition at OCAT (Overseas Contemporary Art Terminal), Beijing, China.  Three lectures at the University of Chicago’s Beijing Center:  “Iconology 3.0,” “About Face,” and “Ship of Fools.”
  • September 28:   Keynote address to conference on Visual Culture, Indiana University
  • October 12:  “The Nature of the Screen,” keynote address, Ecole nationale superieure de la photographie, Arles, France.  Organizer:  Nicolas Giraud
  • October 15:   “”Present Tense:  Time, Madness, and Democracy,” Ecole nationale superieure de la architecture.  Organizer Xavier Wrona.
  • October 18-10:  “Present Tense: For an Iconology of Time,” conference on “The Right Moment,” Flemish Royal Academy, Brussels, Belgium.  Organizer, Barbara Baert.
  • October 28:  “Blake as Outsider Artist,” Neubauer Collegium on Outsider Writing.
  • November 9:  “Salvaging Israel-Palestine,” Keynote to NYU Conference on Israel-Palestine


  • January 20:  “American Psychosis:  Trump and the Nightmare of History,” University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  •  February 10:  Conference on Image Theory with Michael Taussig, University of Michigan
  •  February 14:   “Screening Nature,” keynote address to Yale Cinema Studies symposium.  Organizer: Franco Casetti
  • March 1-3:  “Ship of Fools:  On Planetary Madness”.  Belgium, University of Leuven conference on the photography of Allan Sekula.  Organizer: Hilde van Gelder
  • March 10:   “Imperial Museums and the Cult of the Dinosaur,” SUNY Buffalo Conference.
  • March 31:  “A Memoir of Madness,”  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Conference on Memory and Mourning.
  • April 13:  “Winsor McCay and Gertie the Dinosaur,” conversation with Don Crafton, DePaul University.
  • May 6-7:  “Outsider Cinema:  Gabriel Mitchell’s Crazy Talk,” Neubauer Collegium on Outsider Writing.  Organizer, John Wilkinson.
  • September 30-October 7:  Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University.  “Ship of Fools,” keynote address for conference on Intercultural Adaptations.  Organizer Joseph C. Murphy.
  • October 25:  “Ship of Fools:  On Planetary Madness,” Yale University English Department.


  • January 7: “The Archive and the Panopticon: On Evidence Walls and Image Atlases,” roundtable on Visual and Literary Archives at the Modern Language Convention, Austin, Texas. Session organized by Ariella Azoulay.
  • January 14-16: Mexico City: “Improvization and Collaboration,” lecture for jazz symposium, “Improvization in Music and Beyond.” Organized by Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes.
  • February 19:  “Cinemania: Madness and the Moving Image,”  Yale University, Graduate Student Film Conference.  Keynote address.  Program available here.
  • March 4: “Salvaging Israel/Palestine:  Art, Collaboration, and the Binational State,”  University of Toronto Conference, “Trans-“.
  • March 23: “Art and Public Life,” at the College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York.  Organized by Lucy Bowditch (BOWDITCH@mail.strose.edu).
  • April 19-20: Turin, Italy. Lecture in series, “The Image as Cultural Environment,” at the Goethe Institute, Turin. Organized by Inge Schladen.
  • April 21:  “Icons, Visual Culture, and Power,” Keynote to conference at University of Bologna, School of Advanced Studies. Organized by Marco Solaroli (marco.solaroli@unibo.it).
  • April 25-30: Beirut, Lebanon. Anis Makdisi Program in Literature at the American University of Beirut. Lectures and seminar. Organized by Saree Makdisi and Lisa Hajjar.
  • May 1-7: International Academy of Art, Palestine. Seminar/Workshop on my work and its relation to Palestinian art and visual culture. Organized by Tina Sherwell.
  • June 7: “Terrorism and Cultural Freedom,” City University of Birmingham, England.  Organized by Jonathan Harris (Jonathan.Harris@bcu.ac.uk).
  • June 9-10: Berlin. Symposium at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. Organized by Tong Lam.
  • June 13-15: London. Warburg Institute Symposium on the 150th Anniversary of Aby Warburg’s birth. Organized by David Freedberg.
  • June 20-July 28: Cornell University, School of Criticism and Theory. Seminar: “Seeing Madness: Insanity, Media, and Visual Culture.” Organized by Hent de Vries.


  • January 9: “Popup Theory,” Modern Language Convention session on “Theory and Popular Culture,” Vancouver, Canada. Organized by Hillary Chute.
  • January 14-18: “Metodo, locura y montage,” Keynote address for Mexico City Visual Studies Symposium, “Las tres eras de la imagen: Actualidad y perspectiva en los Estudios Visuales,” at the Biblioteca Vasconcelos. Organized by Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes, Itala Schemlz, and Maria Virginia Jaua.
  • January 27-February 8: India:   Lectures in Mumbai (Jnanapravaha Mumbai, with response from Homi Bhabha, organized by Rashmi Poddar); Baroda (Mohile Parekh Memorial Lecture and Symposium at the Baroda Center for Contemporary Theory, organized by Prafulla Kar); Kolkata (roundtable and workshop at Center for Studies in the Social Sciences, organized by Rosinka Chaudhuri and Tapati Guha-Thakurta; public lecture at the School of Cinema Studies, University of Calcutta, organized by Moinak Biswas).
  • April 17: Symposium on the doxa of contemporary warfare, Colgate University Program in Conflict Studies. Organizer, Daniel Monk.
  • May 9-14: “Salvaging Israel/Palestine: Art, Collaboration, and the Binational State,” Keynote address to the Sharjah Biennale Symposium, United Arab Emirates. Organized by Rasha Salti and Kristine Khouri.
  • June 1-6: “Method, Madness, Montage,” lecture at Paris symposium, “Dynamis of the Image,” Jeu de Paume.   Organized by Emmanuel Alloa and Chiara Cappelletto, College d’etudes mondiales and the Gerda Henkel Stiftung.
  • June 7-14: Amsterdam: public Lectures at the Stedjelik Museum and the National Research Institute for Art History in the Hague. Three day seminar on visuality and madness at the University of Amsterdam. Organized by Mia Lerm-Hayes.
  • June 22-29: Berlin: Freie University. June 24: Public Lecture, “Salvaging Palestine: Art and the Nation.”   June 25: Keynote address to symposium, “F(r)ictions of Art.”   June 29: Workshop for Potsdam University and Freie University programs in the performing arts.
  • July 13-August 27: Getty Research Institute, “Atlas Fever,” a PhD seminar on the visualizing of archives and databases, co-taught with Justin Underhill, co-sponsored by the University of Southern California’s program in Visual Studies, and organized by Vanessa Schwartz.
  • September 19-26:   Aarhus, Denmark: September 21-23: “Atlas Fever,” for PhD Seminar on “Word and Image: The Book as Medium,” Aarhus University Graduate School of the Arts, organized by Anders Troelsen and Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam. September 24: “Madness and Montage,” for research program in Mediality, Materiality, and Aesthetic Meaning and the research group, “Film Culture” at Aarhus University, organized by Mads Anders Baggesgaard. September 25: Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus. Informal workshop on recent publications, from What Do Pictures Want? to Cloning Terror: The War of Images, 9-11 to the Present, organized by Jorgen Michaelsen.
  • October 15-17: University of California, Berkeley: “Salvaging Israel/Palestine: Art, Collaboration, and the Binational State,” opening address for symposium, Precarious Aesthetics, organized by Greg Niemeyer and Arild Fetveit.
  • October 29-30: Boston University Humanities Lecture and Seminar. Organized by Peter Schwarz.
  • December 3: Silberberg Lecture, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Organized by Charlotte Healey.


  • January 10:  Chicago:  Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association.  Respondent to Panel on “The Ekphrastic Encounter: Past, Present, and Future.”  3:30-4:45. Organized by Anne Keefe [anne.keefe@emory.edu]
  • January 18: “Art and Revolution,” Lecture in conjunction with Block Gallery’s exhibition, “The Red Decade,” Northwestern University
  • April 11:  Boston:  Plenary Address to American Ethnographic Society’s annual meeting.  “Seeing Through Race.”  Contact:  Samuel Martinez [Samuel.martinez@uconn.edu]
  • April 12: Humboldt University, Berlin. “Method, Madness, and Montage,” Keynote address to conference on “Image Operations.”
  • April 18: Princeton University conference on Race and Photography. “Nothing Personal: Photography and the Racial Medium.”
  • April 24-25: Aarhus, Denmark. The Museum of Modern Art and the University of Aarhus conference, “Reassessing Modernism.” Keynote Address: “Method, Madness, and Montage.”
  • April 28-29: Emory University, Sawyer Seminar on Visual Exegesis”. Public Lecture: “Seeing Madness.”
  • May 7: Rensselaer Polytechnic University, “The Situation of Photography.”
  • May 8-9: SUNY Binghamton, seminar and public lecture,“Madness and Montage: Aby Warburg to John Nash.”
  • May 19-23: lectures at University of Manchester, York University, and University of Sheffield.
  • June 11: Hong Kong Polytechnic, keynote address to conference on multi-media.
  • June 20-26: Tsinghua University, Beijing, lecture series on a topic to be determined; Contacts: Wang Ning [wangning@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn] and Anfeng Sheng [anfengsheng@gmail.com]
  • June 27: Jiao Tong University, Shanghai. Keynote address, “Madness and Montage.” ASAP (International Symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present).
  • August 29: Keynote for USC Symposium on Visual Culture: “Atlas Fever.”
  • September 7-14: Keynote and week-long workshop, “Envisioning the City,” at the School of Sociology, Trento University, Italy. Organizer: Andrea Mubi Brighenti.
  • September 28-October 3: University of Cologne, Germany. Week long summer school on Visual Culture and Art History. Organizer, Tim Wolfgarten.
  • October 4: University of Chicago Symposium on “Art and Public Life,” organized with Theaster Gates and supported by the Neubauer Collegium. Half-day public conference involving curators, critics, art professionals, anthropologists, artists, and social activists.
  • November 18-22: Odensee, Denmark. Keynote for conference on war, spectacle, and surveillance. Organizers: Kathrin Maurer and Anders Engberg-Pedersen.
  • December 6: “Monuments, Memorials, and Monumentality,” DIA Founcation, New York City. Lecture-symposium and dialogue with Michael Taussig. Organizer Manuel Cirauqui.
  • December 8: “Spectacle and Surveillance,” Columbia University’s Center for Critical Theory. Organized by Bernard Harcourt.


  • February 27:  UCLA Lecture co-sponsored by Art, Art History, and Comparative Literature: “Seeing Madness.”   Contacts:  Aamir Mufti [mufti@humnet.ucla.edu] and Salone Mathur [mathur@ucla.edu]
  • March 4:  Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.  Lecture on “The Colors of Madness” in collaboration with Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe’s “The Madness of Color.”
  • March 7:  University of Illinois, Chicago.  “Seeing Madness.”  Keynote Address to Annual Conference of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics, “In/Between.”  Contact:  Michal Markowski [markowski@uic.edu]
  • March 17-24:  Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi, India.  “Texts, Critics, and the World: Conversations in the Humanities,” a conference organized by Dipesh Charkrabarty and Mahesh Rangarajan.   Lecture on “Foundational Sites and Occupied Spaces.”  Four day residence in Pondicherry at the Adishakti Center for Research in the Performing Arts.  Training in breath and performance, and public lecture for the Pondicherry community, “Seeing Madness.”
  • April 5:  International Center of Photography, New York City.  “Museums and the Situation of Photography.”  Contact:  Carol Squiers [CSquiers@icp.org]
  • April 10-15:  University of Malaga, Malaga, Spain.  “Image X Text,” Keynote Address to the International Conference on Art Theory and Artistic Literature,  in collaboration with the Comité Español de Historia del Arte, the Sociedad Española de Historia de la Construcción, and the Instituto Juan Herrera.  Contact:  Nuria Ortega [nro@uma.es]
  • May 18-19:  London, Queen Mary University.  “The Nature of the Screen, and the Screening of Nature,” Keynote Address to “Screening Nature:  Flora, Fauna, and the Moving Image,” symposium and screenings at Queen Mary University and the Whitechapel Gallery.  Contact:  Anat Pick [a.pick@qmul.ac.uk]
  • May 23-30:  “Iconology Old and New,” Transregional Conference on the Move, Croatia and Hungary.   “Four Fundamental Concepts of Iconology,” concluding remarks for  “Iconology at the Crossroads,” University of Rijeka, Croatia; “Seeing Madness,” Keynote Address to “Iconicity, Semioticity, Historicity,” Central European University, Budapest.  Contacts:  Gyorgy Szonyi [geszonyi@freemail.hu] and Marina Vijelja [cis@ffre.hr]
  • September 27:  Houston, Texas.  Cagle Lecture at Rice University: “Seeing Madness.”  Graduate Workshop on Politics, Media and Visual Culture.  Contact:  Alexander Regier [a.regier@rice.edu]
  • October 19:  University of Chicago Humanities Day Lecture:  “Seeing Madness.”  Contact:  Carl Nash [cnash@uchicago.edu]
  • October 24-25:  Krakow, Poland.  Featured speaker at the annual Joseph Conrad Festival, in conjunction with the publication of the Polish translation of What Do Pictures Want? by Lukasz Zaremba.  Contact: Michal Markowski [markowski@uic.edu]
  • March 31-November 2: Berlin, Germany. Seminar on Politics, Media, and Visual Culture at the Freie Universitat, organized by Mark Halawa [halawa@zedat.fu-berlin.de].  November 1-2:  Lecture at The House of World Cultures Conference on Edward Said.  Contact:  Hannah Jacobi [Hannah.Jacobi@hkw.de]
  • November 7-9:  Zagreb, Croatia.  Keynote Address to International Conference on Visual Culture.  Contact:  Kresimir Purgar [purgar@vizualni-studiji.com]
  • November 14:  University of Chicago, Midwest Faculty Seminar.  Opening lecture on the Digital Humanities
  • November 23:  Chicago, IL:  Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.  Special session “Iconology Meets Anthropology,” with emphasis on totemism, fetishism, idolatry chapters of What Do Pictures Want?  Organized by Brian Larkin [blarkin@barnard.edu].  Respondents:  Christopher Pinney, Birgit Meyer, and Karen Strassler.


  • February 10:  University of Michigan symposium on Chinese Art, organized by Martin Powers.
  • February 18-19:  Vanderbilt University.  “Creativity and Crisis.” Organized by Steven Jay Tepper [steven.j.tepper@vanderbilt.edu]  and Mel Ziegler.
  • February 24-March 3:  Morocco.  Lecture on “The Historical Uncanny,” at the Fondation du Roi Abdul Aziz in Casablanca.  Lecture on  “The Arts of Occupation.” Marrakech Biennale, keynote to symposium organized by Omar Berrada [omarbrd@gmail.com], director of the Dar al Ma’mum Library and art space.  See my “Report from Morocco” in Critical Inquiry online:  http://criticalinquiry.uchicago.edu/report_from_morocco.
  • March 27-31:  Oslo, Norway.  Aesthetics Seminar, University of Oslo:  “Space, Revolution, and the Arts of Occupation.”  Contact:  Eivind Rossaak [eivind.rossaak. nb.no]
  • April 5:  Western Illinois University.  The Annual Magliocco Lecture.  “Images, Desire, and Everyday Life.”  Contact:  David Banash [D-Banash@wiu.edu]
  • May 3-6: Munich:  Ludwig-Maximilien University: “Foundational Sites and Occupied Spaces,”  keynote address to conference on “Foundational Sites.”  Contact:  Maha El Hissy [maha.elhissy@lmu.de].
  • May 31-June 2:  International Visual Culture Association meeting at New York University.  Keynote “listener.”  “Visual Studies and Anarchist Epistemology.”
  • June 3-7:  Berlin:  Zentrum fur Literaturforschung.  “Seeing Madness: Insanity, Media, and Visual Culture.”  Contact: Sigrid Weigel [siweigel@aol.com]
  • June 8-9: Munich:  Haus der Kunst:  “Image/Counter-Image:  Pictures as Sites of Theoretical Discourse.”  Contact:  Andrea Saul [Saul@hausderkunst.de] and Okwui Enwezor [ludwig@hausderkunst.de].
  • June 10-13:  Kassel, Documenta.  On the Occupy Movement. Contact:  Nicola Setari [nsetari@gmail.com]
  • July 19:  University of Michigan, Flint: “Rivalry in the Arts:  The Inaugural International Conference in Paragone Studies.  Keynote address “Image X Text.”  Contact:  Sarah Lippert [sarlipp@umflint.edu].
  • September 5-9:  Stockholm University, “Foundational Sites,” for the Department of Advertisement and PR, and  “Seeing Madness” at the Moderna Museet.  Contact:  Anna Kallen [anna.kallen@ark.su.se].
  • October 2-3:  Clark Institute, Williamstown, MA:  lecture and workshop on “Seeing Madness.”  Contact:  Michael Ann Holly [mholly@clarkart.edu]
  • October 4:  “Museums and the Situation of Photography” at Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY.  Contact:  Ellen Esrock [esroce@rpi.edu]
  • October 20:  Richmond, VA.  Keynote address to Victorian Studies Association meeting, “Victorian Mixed Media”:  “Insanity, Media, and Visual Culture.” Contact:  David Latane [dlatane@vcu.edu]
  • October 25-6:  University of Maryland.  Petrou Critic in Residence.  Seminar on image theory.  Public Lecture:  “Insanity, Media, and Visual Culture.”  Contact:  Orrin Wang [owang@umd.edu]
  • November 26:  Edward Said Memorial Lecture, Columbia University:  “Seeing Madness.”  Contact: Akeel Bilgrami [ab41@columbia.edu]
  • November 28: A Conversation with Michael Taussig, Explorer’s Club, Manhattan, sponsored by the Clark Institute for Art History.  Contact:  Michael Ann Holly [mholly@clarkart.edu]
  • November 30-December 4:  Cyprus.  “Museums and the Situation of Photography,” Keynote Address to Annual International Conference on Photography and Theory at the Thalassa Museum, Agia Napa, Cyprus;  residency at Municipal Art Centre (NIMAC) in Nicosia, hosted by Yiannis Toumazis;  Lecture to Cinema Studies Program at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, Turkish Cyprus.   Contact:  Elena Stylianou [elenaa.stylianou@gmail.com]
  • December 9-16:  Busan, Korea. “Border Wars:  Translation and Convergence in Politics and Media,” Keynote Address to annual meeting of ELLAK (English Language & Literature Association of Korea).  Theme:  Borders, Translation, Convergence.   International Conference on the State of the Humanities.  Contact: Youngmin Kim [yk4147@chol.com]



  • January 14: University of Vienna, International Research Center for Cultural Sciences. Keynote address to conference on “Images Live! The History and Theory of Image Animism.” Contact: Karl Sierek – karl.sierek@uni-jena.de
  • February 10: College Art Association, Panelist at session of visual studies.Contact: Anne-Marie Oliver <amoliver@pnca.edu>
  • February 17-18: Ursinus College, Philadelphia. “Robert Frank’s TheAmericans”. Contact: Elizabeth Kessler <ekessler@ursinus.edu>
  • March 8-10: Université du Québec à Montréal: seminar on image theory and art history. Public lecture at Musée d’art contemporain.
  • March 21-23: University of Tampa. Contact: Bill Doyle (wdoyle@ut.edu)
  • March 24-5: University of South Florida: Contact: Riccardo Marchi (rmarchi@usf.edu)
  • April 1-2: Clark Institute, Williamstown, Mass. Conference on Visual Culture
  • April 11-12: University of California, Santa Cruz. Contact: Irene Gustafson(ireneg@ucsc.edu)
  • May 5-11: Trondheim, Norway. “Across Media. Contemporary Literature and Media Culture.” Contact: Sarah Paulson (sarah.paulson@hf.ntnu.no)
  • May 13-14: Linnaeus University. Contact: Lars Elleström (lars.ellestrom@lnu.se)
  • May 16-21: Berlin. Zentrum fur Literatur- und Kulturforschung. Lectures and seminar: “Totemism, Fetishism, Idolatry.” Contact: Uta Kornmeier(kornmeier@zfl-berlin.org)
  • June 13-14: London, Westminster University. Seminar on Cloning Terror. Contact: Marq Smith (visualculture@hotmail.com)
  • June 15: “Migration, Law, and the Image.” University College London. Contact: Federica Mazzara (f.mazzara@ucl.ac.uk)
  • June 18-19: “The Historical Uncanny,” keynote address to “The American Image-Text,” an international conference at the University of East Anglia. Contact: Catherine Gander (C.Gander@uea.ac.uk)
  • July 7-11: Poznan, Poland, Malta Festival of the Performing Arts. Principal speaker. Contact: Dorota Semenowicz (dorota@malta-festival.pl)
  • September 19-21: Bergen, Norway. Contact: Øyvind Vågnes <ov@nomadikon.net>
  • October 20-22: Paris, University of Paris VII: Visual Studies in France. Contact: François Brunet (francois.brunet@univ-paris-diderot.fr)


  • January 14: Freie Universiteit, Berlin. “Migration, Law, and the
  • Image,” keynote for conference on art and activism.
  • February 19: University of Rome, Conference: “Fiat Imago, Pereat Mundus.” “Idolatry: Nietzsche, Blake, Poussin.” (cancelled)
  • February 25: Keynote address to Duke University’s annual Graduate Student Art History conference.
  • March 5: “World Pictures: Globalization and Visual Culture,” Keynote Address to annual Comparative Literature Symposium at Long Beach State University.
  • March 18-19: University of California, Berkeley. Lecture and Seminar for Critical Theory Program and Art History.
  • March 29-April 2: Patten Lectures at Indiana University
  • April 20-22: Harvard University, W. E. B. Du Bois Lectures. “Teachable Moments: Race, Media, and Visual Culture.” Lecture 1: “The Moment of Theory”; Lecture 2: “The Moment of Blackness”; Lecture 3: “The Semitic Moment.”
  • May 1: Clark Institute for Art History. Conference on Photography and Memory.
  • May 27: London: Keynote Address to International Conference on Visual Culture.
  • June 1-2: Dublin, Trinity College: Keynote Address to Conference on Art and the Environment.
  • June 4-5: Belfast, Keynote Address to conference on Word and Image.
  • June 7-8: University of Glasgow: Distinguished Lecturer in the Humanities.
  • July 14-28: Australia. Lectures at the National Humanities Center, Canberra; The National Gallery of Art in Melbourne, and the Power Institute in Sydney.
  • September 17: University of Virginia. Jefferson Lecture.


  • February 12: Oberlin College: public lecture and seminar. Contact: Thomas van Nortwick, Department of Classics: [tvannort@oberlin.edu].
  • February 17: Art Center of Los Angeles, Pasadena. Lecture on “The Future of the Image”. Contact Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe: [JGilbertro@aol.com].
  • February 20: Getty Research Center, Los Angeles. “Art X Environment: Reflections on Extreme Landscapes” for Clark-Getty Workshop on Art and the Environment. Contact: Mark Ledbury: [mledbury@clarkart.edu].
  • March 1: Washington University, St. Louis. “The Future of the Image.” Contact: Angela Miller: [almiller@artsci.wustl.edu].
  • March 18-20: McGill University, Montreal. The Spector Lecture. “The Future of the Image.” Contact: Tabitha Sparks: [tabitha.sparks@mcgill.ca].
  • April 1-3: Pacific Northwest College of the Arts, Portland, Oregon. “The Future of the Image.” Contact: Anne-Marie Oliver.
  • April 6: University of Washington, Seattle. Lecture TBA. Contact:
  • April 7: University of Seattle: Lecture TBA: Contact: Kenneth Allan
  • April 14 (tentative): Federal University of Ceara, Brazil
  • May 1: University of Chicago: opening talk for “Our Literal Speed,” conference linking ZKM (Karlsruhe), the Getty (Los Angeles), and University of Chicago. Contact: Matthew Jackson:
  • June 8-10 (tentative) University of Glasgow
  • August 28: University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland. Conference on “Images of Illegalized Immigration.” Contact: Francesca Falk: [Francesca.Falk@unibas.ch]
  • August 29th: Iconisches Seminar, University of Basel
  • September 11 University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Contact: Jill Bennett: [j.bennett@unsw.edu.au] 


  • January 17-18: Montreal, Canada. Concordia University, Inaugural Lecture for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture: “Cloning Terror”. Contact: Maurice Charland [Maurice.Charland@concordia.ca]
  • January 24-25: University of Toronto. “Cloning Terror”: Keynote address to symposium on “War, Terror, and Visual Culture.” Contact: John Ricco [jpricco@mac.com].
  • February 28: Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Provost Lecture for the Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, plenary address toconference, “Beholding Violence: Representation in Medieval and Renaissance Culture.” Contact: Allie Terry [alterry@bgsu.edu].
  • March 1-3: Karlsruhe, Germany. Zentrum für Kultur und Medien (ZKM). Lecture/performance for meta-symposium, “Our Literal Speed.” Contact: Antonia Marten [marten@zkm.de].
  • March 16-17: Ramat Gan, Israel. Fifth Annual International Shenkar Conference: Contested Landscape. Keynote Address: “Landscape and Conflict.” Contact: Larry Abramson [Larry@012.net.il].
  • March 27-8: University of Illinois. Annual conference of the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities. Keynote address: “Cloning Terror: The War of Images 9-11 to the Present.” Contact: Christine Catanzarite [catanzar@uiuc.edu].
  • April 10: University of Tennesse, Knoxville. Contemporary Arts and Society lecture, “Cloning Terror.” Contact: Alexis Boylan [aboylan@utk.edu].
  • April 23: Columbia University, NYC. Colloquium on “Image Theory” with Jacques Ranciere. Contact: Akeel Bilgrami [ab41@columbia.edu].
  • June 9-July 30: Leverhulme Distinguished Professor, University of Nottingham School of Geography. Contact: Stephen Daniels [Stephen.Daniels@nottingham.ac.uk]
  • June 12-13: University of Sussex. Title TBA. Inaugural Lecture for the Centre for Visual Fields. Contact: Lindsay Smith [l.j.smith@sussex.ac.uk].
  • June 18-22: University of California, Riverside: Raymond Schwager Keynote Speaker for conference on “Catastrophe and Conversion: Political Thinking for the New Millennium,” with René Girard and Gianni Vattimo. Contact: Robert Doran [rdoran@middlebury.edu].
  • August 27: “The Future of the Image,” Sao Paolo, Brazil. International Symposium “Crisis of Image or Crisis of Theories,” Goethe-Institute Sao Paolo. Contact: Jens Baumgarten [jens-baumgarten@uol.com.br].
  • October 2: Reno, Nevada. Nevada Museum of Art. Conference on Nevada landscape and environment. Contact: William Fox [wlfox@earthlink.net].
  • October 25-6: “World Pictures: Globalization and Visual Culture,” University of Amsterdam conference, “Theatrum Mundi, the Theater of the World.” Contact: Cristel Vester: [cvesters@xs4.all.nl].
  • October 28: “The Future of the Image,” as part of the series, “Now Is the Time: Art and Theory in the 21st Century.” Stedjelik Museum, Amsterdam. Contact Margriet Schavemaker [m.schavemaker@uva.nl].
  • October 29: Budapest, Hungary. Celebration of release of Hungarian translation of collected writings at The Budapest Museum of Literature. contact: Gyorgy Szonyi [geszonyi@freemail.hu].
  • October 30: London: Barbican Centre. Discussion of Peter Morris’s play, “Guardians” with director Ben Woolf. Contact: Helen O’Gorman [hogorman@barbican.org.uk].
  • October 31: London: Keynote Address: Research into Practice Conference, 2008. contact: Daniela Büchler [r2p@herts.ac.uk].
  • November 13: University of Massachusetts, Amherst and the Five Colleges. “The Future of the Image” contact: Tanya Fernando [tjfernan@gmail.com].
  • December 5: University of Chicago, conference on the Politics of Landscape.
  • December 10: Harvard lecture (TBA).
  • December 28: San Francisco, Modern Language Convention. “A Singular Post-Modernity? The Logic of Between-ness in Contemporary Arts.” Special Session organized by ASAP (Association for the Study of Arts of the Present). Contact: Amy Elias [aelias2@utk.edu]. Cancelled


  • September 28-30: Universita degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy.
  • January 25: Sculpture Center, Long Island City, New York: “On the Happiness of Bad Objects.” Contact: Sarina Basta, Curator: sbasta@sculpturecenter.org
  • January 26: New York Humanities Institute, Deutsches Haus, NYU, noon-2 PM: “Cloning Terror: The War of Images, 9-11 to Abu Ghraib”. Contact: Laurence Weschler: weschlers@gmail.com
  • February 1: Art Center of Pasadena: “Architecture as Sculpture as Drawing”. Contact: Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe: jgilbertro@aol.com
  • February 4: Los Angeles County Museum. “Foucault’s Magritte, and Other
    Metapictures.”Contact: Stephanie Barron: sbarron@lacma.org
  • February 14-17: College Art Association, New York City. Panels on “Disability and Visual Culture”(contact: Nicholas Mirzoeff: nmirzoeff@gmail.com) and “Visual Culture and the War on Terror” (contact: Zainab Bahrani: zb2101@columbia.edu)
  • February 22: Kendall College of Arts and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Contact: Sarah Joseph:Sarah_Joseph@ferris.edu
  • March 1-4: Berlin: Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. “Clonophobia and the Biopictorial Turn,” for Conference on “The Times of Cloning: Historical and Cultural Aspects of a Biotechnological Research Field.” Contacts: Christina Brandt: brandt@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de; Giuseppe Testa: giusseppe.testa@ifom-ieo-campus.it.
  • April 19-21: Weimar, Germany. “Architecture as Sculpture as Drawing,” Bauhaus University Annual Conference on Architecture. Contact: Jorg Gleiter: joerg.gleiter@archit.uni-weimar.de.
  • April 27: Drury University, Springfield, MO. Colloquium with Don Pease: “9-11 Five Years Later.”Contact: Randall Fuller: rfuller@drury.edu
  • April 28: Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, Conference: “The Archive of Images and the Image of the Archive,” for conference: “What is Research? Obsession, Archive and Encounter in the Visual Arts.” Contacts: Michael Ann Holly: mholly@clark.edu and Mark Ledbury mledbury@clark.edu
  • May 17-25: lectures TBA in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Birzeit University in Ramallah.
  • May 26: Berlin: “Dinosaurs, Landscapes, and Terror: A Few American Stories,” for conference on “Narratives about American Art,” conference co-sponsored by the Freie Universiteit, American Academy, and the Hamburger Bahnhof. Contact: Winfried Fluck: winfriedfluck@hotmail.com.
  • June 20: Cambridge, England; Cambridge University Center for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH). Workshop on media. Contact: Ben Etherington: bke20@hermes.cam.ac.uk.
  • July 20-22: University of Nottingham, England. “Country Matters,” keynote address for “Literary Geographies: A Multidisciplinary Conference,” Schools of Geography and English Studies. Contact: Stephen Daniels: stephen.daniels@nottingham.ac.uk.
  • June 27: Documenta 12, Kassel Germany: “Ecce Homo Sacer: Bare Life, Modernity, and the Image”. Lecture Link: DOCUMENTA 12
  • September 13: Nebraska Wesleyan University. “The War of Images, 9-11 to Abu Ghraib”
  • September 17: New York University, Kevorkian School of Middle Eastern Studies. “The War of Images, 9-11 to Abu Ghraib.”
  • September 18-25: Havana, Cuba. Three Lectures on Art and Political Activism at the Catedra Arte de Conducta: “Notes on Art, Action, and Activism”; “From Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib: The Norm and the Exception”; “Imagining Others: From Caliban to the Taliban”
  • October 12-13: Southern Methodist University, Dallas. “The Abu Ghraib Archive.” Keynote Address to conference on “Collectiving and Collectivity.”
  • October 20-29: four lectures in Sweden. Oct. 22: Uppsala University, “Cloning Terror”; Oct. 23-4: Linköping University, “Image Science,” and “Image Politics”;
  • October 25: Våxjo University: Keynote Address to conference, “Imagining Media”: “Intermediality and Intermodality: Architecture, Sculpture, and the Digital Image.”
  • November 2: panelist at Philosopher’s Symposium on Climate Change, Franke Institute for the Humanities, University of Chicago.
  • December: “What is the Digital Humanities?” Response to plenary session at the 2007 Modern Language Association.


  • Feb. 1-2: University of Washington: “Postcolonial Visuality.” Contact: Zahid Chaudhary: zahidc@u.washington.edu
  • Feb. 10-12: Florida State University. Lecture to Art History Department. Contact: Adam Jolles: ajolles@mailer.fsu.edu
  • Feb. 17: University of South Florida: Lecture to Art History Department. Contact: Riccardo Marchi: rmarchi@arts.usf.edu
  • Feb. 25: University of Rome, conference on “Meyer Schapiro and the Methods of Art History.” “Meyer Schapiro’s ‘Theme of State’ Today: Sacred Images and the War on Terror.” Contact: Mariagiuseppina di Monte: gdimonte@arti.beniculturali.it
  • March 29-30: University of Memphis: Marcus Orr Center for the Humanities. Contact: Barbara Ching: baching@memphis.edu
  • April 6-8: “Country Matters: Re-Thinking Regionalism,” Keynote Address to 38th Annual College English Association Conference, San Antonio, TX.
  • April 13: SUNY Buffalo, Comparative Literature Lecture Series. Cloning Terror: The War of Images, 9-11 to Abu Ghraib.
  • April 24: Colgate University Program in Peace and Conflict Studies. “State of the Union, or Jesus Comes to Abu Ghraib.” Contact: Daniel Monk: dmonk@mail.colgate.edu
  • April 29: Conference on “The Fate of Disciplines” at the Franke Institute, University of Chicago. “Art, Disciplines, and Indexicality: On Helen Mirra.” For info, contact: franke-humanities@uchicago.edu
  • June 30 – July 1: Frankfurt, Germany. Institut fur Kunstkritik at the Hochschule fur bildende Kunste Symposium on “Images, Subjects, and Politics in the Spectacular Phase of Capitalism,” with T. J. Clark and Paolo Virno. Contact: Isabelle Graw: grawisab@aol.com
  • August 10-15: Tsinhua University, Beijing. “World Pictures and Regional Imaginaries,” keynote address for conference on Cultures of Globalization. Contact: Wang Ning: wangning@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
  • September 28-30: Universita degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy. Conference on “Visual Culture in Italy. Perspectives for Comparative Literature.”
    Contact: Michele Cometa: mcometa@unipa.it or Federica Mazzara: fmazzara@unipa.it
  • October 17: Northwestern University, Department of Communication Studies. Lecture: Cloning Terror: The War of Images, 9-11 to Abu Ghraib. Contact: Robert Hariman  robert.hariman@comcast.net
  • October 19: Lecture on What Do Pictures Want? UCLA: Fowler Museum of Cultural History. Contact: Polly Roberts:  proberts@arts.ucla.edu
  • October 27-8: Basel, Switzerland. “Movens Bild: Between Evidence and Emotion,” Kunsthistorisches Seminar, University of Basel. Contact: Gottfried Boehm: Gottfried.boem@unibas.ch
  • November 11: Chicago Humanities Festival: Panel discussion with Kanan Makiya and filmmaker Errol Morris on the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Contact: Ian Burkow: ian@chfestival.org
  • November 17 and December 1: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, The Baker-Nord Seminar. Contact: Timothy Beal: timothy.beal@case.edu


  • January 22-31: [Postponed] Bombay: Lectures at the Mohile Parikh Center, the National Center for the Performing Arts. New Delhi, The Sanskriti Foundation for the Arts. Contac: Dr. Prashant Parikh: pjparikh@aol.com
  • February 7: “Image Science,” the Thyssen Lecture at Humboldt University, Berlin. Contact: Stefanie Schmidt: stefanie.schmidt@kaleidoskopien.de
  • February 15: “The Unspeakable and the Unimaginable: Word and Image in a Time of Terror.” Einstein Forum, Potsdam. Contact: Ruediger Zill: ruediger.zill@einsteinforum.de
  • February 23: “Cloning Terror: The War of Images.” Max Planck Institute, Berlin. Contact: Hans Jorg Rheinberger: rheinbg@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de
  • April 8: University of Toronto, Comparative Literature Conference, “Eyedeologies.” Contact: Adriana complitcolloq2005@yahoo.ca
  • April 9: Toronto “Images Festival.” Contact: Janine Marchessault: jmarches@yorku.ca
  • April 15: University of Cork, Ireland. Conference on “Visual Literacy.” Contact: James Elkins: jelkins@artic.edu
  • April 21-23: Vienna: Internationales Forschungszentrum fur Kulturwissenschaften (IFK). Symposium on “What Do Pictures Want?” Contacts: Daniela Losenicky: losenicky@ifk.ac.at and Hans Belting: hbelting@hfg-karlsruhe.de
  • April 25: University of Szeged, Hungary. “The Unspeakable and the Unimaginable: Word and Image in a Time of Terror,” keynote address to the Szeged Conference on “Word and Image.” Contact: Gyorgy Endre Szoni, geszonyi@lit.u-szeged.hu
  • April 28: Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. “Stereotype, Caricature, and Clone,” lecture for conference on “Images of the Arab,” convened by the Working Group on Modernity and Islam.
    Contact: Shereen Saad Abou El Naga: shereens@tedata.net.eg
  • May 4-9: National University of Art, Bucharest, Rumania. Contact: Anca Oroveanu: ancaoro@nec.ro
  • June 9: University of Oslo, Norway. “Media Aesthetics.” Contact: Arild Fetveit: fetveit@hum.ku.dk
  • June 15-19: Istanbul Bilgi University. Symposium on “Visual Studies.” Contact:Feride Cicekolou: feridec@superonline.com
  • September 1-3: Keynote Address, Conference on “Social Realism in Art,” Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography and Visual Studies, Katholieke Universiteit,Leuven, Belgium. Contact:
    Hilde Van Gelder: Hilde.VanGelder@arts.kuleuven.ac.be
  • September 15: “The Line that Crosses America,” symposium on “The Moving Drawing of Jheon Soocheon.” Washington, D.C.-Pittsburgh, PA. Contact: Shim Chung: ysc7993@nyu.edu
  • September 16: “Cloning Terror,” at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy, New York. Contact: Ellen Esrock: esroce@rpi.edu
  • September 19: Beckwith Lecture, Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Contact: Joanna Soltan: jsoltan@smfa.edu
  • September 20: Baldwin-Dahl Lecture, Yale University, Comparative Literature Department. Contact: Alexandra Parfitt:  Alexandra.parfitt@yale.edu
  • October 12-14: Conference on “Image and Imagination,” New York
    University, Center for the Study of European Culture. Contact: Bernd Huppauf: bernd.huppauf@nyu.edu
  • October 15: “Showing Seeing”: Keynote Address, International Visual Culture Conference. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Contact: Paul Duncum: pduncum@uiuc.edu
  • October 26: Munro Lecture, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Contact: Colette Colligan: ccolliga@sfu.ca
  • October 27: Keynote Address, Victorian Studies Association Annual Meeting, Simon Fraser University.
  • November 3-4: “Secular Divination: Said’s Humanism,” paper for Symposium on Edward Said’s Orientalism, University of Chicago. Contact: Elizabeth Chandler: echandle@uchicago.edu
  • November 10-13: Society for Science, Art, and Literature, session on “Systems Thinking: Immunity and Nervousness.”
  • December 2-3: “Globalization, Violence, and Visual Culture,” New York University Humanities Council Workshop. Contact: Nicholas Mirzoeff:  nm45@verizon.net
  • December 12-14: University of Copenhagen, Seminar on “Intermediality.”
    Contact: Pil Dahlerup: pil@hum.ku.dk
  • December 30: MLA Annual Meeting, Washington D.C. Panel on “War in the Arts and Media.” Contact: Marianna Torgovnick: tor@nc.rr.com


  • January 8-11: Hawaiian International Conference on the Arts and Humanities, Keynote Address. Contact: Darren Garvey:  darren_garvey@hotmail.com
  • February 15-16: Madrid, Spain. Conference on “Visual Studies in the 21st Century.” Contact: Jose Luis Brea, jlbrea@w3art.es
  • March 11: Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ. “Holy Landscape: Israel, Palestine, and the American Wilderness.” Contact: Jan Krulick-Belin: jan.krulick@phxart.org
  • April 6: Stoddard Lecture in Art History, University of California, Berkeley.
    Contact: Whitney Davis: wmdavis@socrates.Berkeley.EDU
  • April 9-10: University of California, Berkeley. “Sounding the Idols,”conference convened by Martin Jay. martjay@socrates.Berkeley.EDU
  • June 10-14: Beijing, Tsinhua University. Conference on Critical Inquiry in the 21st Century. Contact: Wang Ning:  wangning@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
  • July (tentative): Israel, University of Haifa. “Icons, Idols, Ideologies: Visual Cultures in the U.S. and Israel.” Contact: Michele Rosenthal: rosen@research.haifa.ac.il
  • September 15th: Archeworks, 625 N. Kingsbury, Chicago, IL 60610. On the ethics of imaging. Contact: mbaltman@archeworks.org
  • October 23rd: Antwerp, Belgium: University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art. Keynote Address to Conference on ‘Images of Language/The Language of Images’ Contact: Tom Paulus:  tom.paulus@muhka.be
  • November 3rd: Berlin: Lecture at the Zentrum f¸r Literaturforschung. Contact: Sabine Flach: lach@zfl.gwz-berlin.de
  • November 5th: Chicago: “Literature, Theory, and Common Sense,” a symposium at the University of Chicago. Contact: Thomas Pavel:  jtpavel@cs.com
  • November 13th: Chicago: Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association, Spotlight Presentation on “The ‘Face’ and ‘Place’ of Media.” Contact: Barbara Warnick: barbwarn@u.washington.edu
  • November 25th: Goldsmiths College, University of London. “Addressing Media.”
    Contact: John Hutnyk: John.Hutnyk@gold.ac.uk
  • November 26th: London: Tate Modern Series on Ethics and Aesthetics. Joint
    appearance with Griselda Pollock. Contact: Dominic Willsdon: Dominic.Willsdon@tate.org.uk
  • December 2: Munich: Ludwig-Maximilien University and The Burda Academy of the Third Millenium. Lecture in the series on the “Cloning Terror: The War of Images from 9/11 to the Abu Ghraib Photographs.” Contact: Heike Maenz: maenz@burda.com (Follow the link to view the streaming video.)
  • December 13-15: Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine. Memorial Symposium for
    Edward Said. Contact: Ahmad Harb, Dean of Arts:  ahmusah@yahoo.com
  • December 15: “Secular Divination: Edward Said’s Humanism,” at the Van
    Leer Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Contact: Shulamit Laron:


  • February 19-22: Annual Meeting of College Art Association, New York City. Forum on “Art History as/versus Visual Studies” with Susan Buck-Morss, Martin Kemp, James Elkins, Nicholas Mirzoeff, and Janet Hess.
  • March 7-8: Clark Institute of Fine Art, Williamstown, Mass. Conference on Journals and the Arts.
  • March 10: London School of Economics and Royal Academy, London. Topic to be announced.
  • April 4: Keynote Speaker, 2003 Conference of Texas Association of School of Arts (TASA) “Showing Seeing.” Contact: Susan Witta Kemph: swittake@accdvm.accd.edu
  • April 18: University of California, Irvine. “Double J, The J Turn, and the Serpent in the Wilderness.” For “J”: A Conference in Honor of J. Hillis Miller. Contact: Barbara Cohen, blcohen@uci.edu.
  • May 9-10: Mt. Holyoke. “Addressing Media.” Faculty Seminar in Visual Culture on Spike Lee’s Bamboozled. Contact: Debbora Battaglia: dbattagl@mtholyoke.edu
  • June 10-July 10: China: lectures in Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, and Hong Kong. Postponed until spring 2004. Contact: Professor Wang Ning of Tsinhua University, wangning@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
  • September 13-14: University of Nottingham. Conference on “Image & Critique.” Contact: Sunil Manghani, Sunil.Manghani@nottingham.ac.uk.
  • October 3: University of Southern California, Los Angeles. English Department lecture: “Addressing Media.” Contact: Joseph Boone,  josephbo@usc.edu
  • October 9: Northwestern University, Block Gallery Auditorium. Art History Lecture. Contact: Carrie Lambert, c-lambert@northwestern.edu
  • October 24-5: University of Texas. Annual meeting of Science and Literature Society. Panel on the Aesthetics of Vitalism.
  • October 30: University of Copenhagen. “Empire and Objecthood,” for conference on “Materiality: The Verbal and the Visual in Historical Perspective.” Contact:Pil Dahlerup, pil@hum.ku.dk (cancelled)
  • November 8-9: Berlin: Haus der Kulturen der Welt. “Totemism, Fetishism, Idolatry,”lecture for conference on “Migrating Images.” Contact: Petra Stegmann, Stegmann@hkw.de.
  • November 21-2: New York University, Deutsches Haus. “Imaging Science,”
    Keynote address to Conference on “Images of Science and the Scientist in Visual Media.” Contact: Erin Evers: ece201@nyu.edu or Bernd Huppauf: bernd.huppauf@nyu.edu
  • December 5: Lexington, Kentucky, University of Kentucky Fine Arts Professions Lecture: “Addressing Media.”Contact: Anna Brzyski:  anna.brzyski@uky.edu


  • April 9: American Academy, Berlin. Lecture: “Biocybernetics”
  • May 14: Kristiansand University, Kristiansand, Norway. “Words, Pictures, and the Space Between,”Inaugural Lecture for Program in Visual Studies.
  • May 28: W. E. B. Dubois Lecture, Humboldt University, Berlin. “Living Color: The Animation of Stereotypes in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled.”
  • May 29: Humboldt University, Berlin. Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar. “Empire and Objecthood”
  • July 14: “Cloning Terror,” lecture at the Iconoclash Symposium, Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • July 18: “Art and Biocybernetics,” lecture at the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • July 24: “Living Color: The Animation of Racial Stereotypes in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled.” Dartmouth College, Master of Liberal Arts Symposium in Cultural Studies.
  • September 14: Plenary Address, “Re-Thinking the Visual,” University of Colorado, Boulder. Contact: Erika Doss: erika.doss@colorado.edu
  • September 26-7: “Country Matters”: Inaugural Lecture for Cultural Studies program, “Critical Topographies,” Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. Contact: Jonathan Bordo: petitbordeaux@sympatico.ca
  • October 5: Keynote Address, Landscape and Vision. Symposium at the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbanaís Department of Landscape Architecture. Contact:Diane Harris: harris3@uiuc.edu
  • October 16: Lecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.
    “Biocybernetics.” Contact: Ellen Esrock: esroce@rpi.edu
  • October 17: Humanities Institute Lecture, Dartmouth College.
    “The Work of Art in the Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction.” Contact: Jonathan V. Crewe: Jonathan.V.Crewe@Dartmouth.EDU
  • October 18: Dartmouth College: “Abstraction and Intimacy,” paper for symposium on “Writing about Art.” Contact: James
    A. W. Heffernan: James.A.W.Heffernan@Dartmouth.EDU
  • November 1: Plenary Address, Modernist Studies Association Annual Meeting, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Contact: ssfriedm@facstaff.wisc.edu
  • November 4-8: Alfonso Reyes Lectures, Mexico City. Co-sponsored by Art Department of the Universidad Iberoamericana and the Technologico Monterrey.
    Contacts: :Karen Cordero: karen.cordero@uia.mx Laura Gonzalez: lmgonzal@campus.ccm.itesm.mx
  • November 13-14: Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer, University of California, Santa Cruz. Contact: Gail Hershatter: gbhers@cats.ucsc.edu
  • December 12 [postponed]: Felix Burda Memorial Lecture, The University of Munich, Burda Academy and the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.
    On the idea of a “pictorial turn (Tentative) Contact: Heike Maenz: maenzhe@burda.com
  • December 16: “Picturing Desire,” Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Contact: MarinaGrzinic: margrz@arc-sazu.si
  • December 17: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia. Contact: Nada Beros: nada.beros@msu.hr
  • December 27-30: Modern Language Association Meeting, New York City


  • January 20: “Museums and Other Monsters,” lecture for Conference
    on Museum Culture, University of Chicago Alumni Association, Gleacher Center.
  • January 27: Moderator and Panelist for “Natural Histories: Landscape,
    Antiquity, and Memory,” Smart Museum, University of Chicago.
  • February 20: “Art and Biocybernetics.” Lectures at California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, California, and the Center for Art and Design, Pasadena.
  • March 1:”Founding Objects,” a lecture on “found objects” for the annual meeting of the College Art Association of America, Chicago.
  • March 20: Lecture to Institute for Literary Theory, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • March 24: Keynote Address, Annual Conference of Portuguese Teachers of English, Faro, Portugal.
  • April 20: University of Wisconsin, Madison. Public lecture, and seminar for the Workshop on Visual Culture.
  • April 27: University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Lecture for conference on “The Domain of Images.”
  • May 4-5: Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA. “Showing Seeing: A Critique of Visual Studies.” Lecture at conference on “Art History, Aesthetics, and Visual Studies.”
  • July 5: Tate Gallery, London. “Empire and Objecthood.” Keynote address at conference on “Art and the British Empire.”
  • August 7-28: Australia: lectures at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney,
    and the Power Institute of Fine Arts, University of Sydney; Master Classes
    and 3 public lectures at the University of South Australia, Adelaide on “What
    Pictures Want.”
  • September 7-8: “Why Rhetoric Is Not Enough,” Indiana University,
    Department of Communication and Culture. Keynote address for conference on “Visual Rhetorics.”
  • September 19: Colorado College. Public lecture on Art and Biocybernetics
  • October 8: University of Washington, Seattle.Lecture to the Humanities Institute.
  • October 13: Berlin, Free University. “Addressing Media,” public lecture.
  • October 18-19: Ohio State University, Columbus: Kane Lectures in English
    Literature.” Romanticism and the Life of Things,” and “The Work of Art in the Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction.”
  • November 1: Chicago Humanities Festival. Public Lecture: “Words, Pictures, and the Spaces Between.”


  • September 15: Keynote Address, “Romanticism and the Life of Things,”
    for the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Tempe, Arizona.
  • September 29: Silberberg Lecture, Institute of Fine Art, New York University:
    “Reflections on ‘Sensation'”
  • October 14: Mt. Holyoke College: “Defining Moments of Modernism,” symposium with T. J. Clark and Tamar Garb.
  • November 3: Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch School of Fine Arts, New York University. Lecture on “The Surplus Value of Images.”
  • November 6: Panel discussion of Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (with Stanley Crouch, Carrie Mae Weems, and Spike Lee).
  • November 16: Cooper Union Presidential Inaugural. Lecture on Art and Technology.
  • December 7: “What Sculpture Wants,” lecture at Art History Department, University of Manchester, England.
  • December 8: “The Work of Art in the Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction,” Royal College of Art, London.
  • December 28: “Blindness or Insight,” respondent to panel on Literature and Visual Culture at the Modern Language Association, Washington D.C.

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