The workshop will take place at the Franke Institute for the Humanities on May 19–20, 2017.

Friday, May 19

9:00–9:30 Coffee, tea and pastries

Session 1

Chair: Peter Lasersohn (Urbana-Champaign)

9:30–11:00 Invited Speaker, Elizabeth Coppock (Gothenburg): Outlook-based semantics 

——————————30 minute break——————————

Session 2

Chair: Tamara Vardomskaya (Chicago)

11:30–12:15 Phil Crone (Stanford) and Deniz Rudin (UC Santa Cruz): Assessor-relativizable predicates

12:15–1:00   Rachel Rudolph (UC Berkeley): Subjective language without evaluation

————————60 minute lunch break————————

Session 3

Chair: Ryan Simonelli (Chicago)

2:00–2:45 Pranav Anand (UC Santa Cruz) and Natasha Korotkova (Tübingen): Acquaintance inferences and the grammar of directness

2:45–3:30 Patrick Munoz (Chicago): Deriving direct experience effects from adjectival lexical semantics

——————————30 minute break——————————

Session 4

Chair: Anubav Vasudevan (Chicago)

4:00–5:30 Invited Speaker, Daniel Lassiter (Stanford): Mathematical counterfactuals



Saturday, May 20

9:00–9:30 Coffee, tea and pastries

Session 5

Chair: Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern)

9:30–10:15 Invited Speaker, Anastasia Giannakidou (Chicago)On the weakness of MUST, and the strength of knowledge and belief 

10:15–11:00 Invited Speaker, Alda Mari (CNRS, ENS, EHESS, PSL)Weak belief? Mood as the mediator between private credences and public commitments

——————————30 minute break——————————

Session 6

Chair: Ming Xiang (Chicago)

11:30–12:15 Matthew Mandelkern (MIT) and Jonathan Phillips (Harvard): Subjectivity in ‘force’: Topicalization, context-sensitivity, and morality

12:15–1:00  Carla Umbach (ZAS, Berlin): Some commonalities and differences between dimensional and aesthetic predicates

————————60 minute lunch break————————

Session 7

Chair: Fabrizio Cariani (Northwestern)

2:00–2:45 Justin Khoo (MIT) and Jonathan Philips (Harvard): Experimenting with modals

2:45–3:30 Elsi Kaiser (USC) and Jamie Herron Lee (USC): Experience matters: A psycholinguistic investigation of subjectivity in adjective interpretation

——————————30 minute break——————————

Session 8

Chair: Itamar Francez (Chicago)

4:00–5:30 Invited Speaker, Dilip Ninan (Tufts): Quantification and epistemic modality