We’d love to hear what you think about our blog! We welcome any feedback: questions, comments, and especially ideas for posts! In fact, if you are a current student and you have a fantastic idea for a blog post, come talk to us about it and, chances are, you can write it up and post it!

Similarly, if there are any alums out there who would like to make a guest appearance on the blog, please get in touch with us! We would love to hear where your post-MAPH travels have taken you!

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  1. Student Housing

    I have one piece of advice for incoming MAPH students. Do not live in graduate student housing if you can help it. In my building they began electrical work (which required all kinds of loud sawing and pounding and drilling, etc.) in week seven of the final quarter. It still hasn’t stopped and it is now the summertime. This is annoying in general, but especially disturbing when the end of the quarter and you have papers and a thesis to get done. Do not live in graduate housing. They do not take students’ needs into consideration.

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