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MAPH Internships (AKA your summer job)

Greetings MAPH-letes!

I know you are all working hard on your theses, but we are well into Spring Quarter now and it’s time to start thinking about your post-MAPH life. In addition to suggesting you attend this Friday’s GRADUcon and chat up some prospective employers, the MAPH office wants to make sure you know about the upcoming deadline for the Summer Internships that MAPH funds.

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Campus Days 2017: What to Do if You Get Here Early

Campus Days 2017: What to Do if You Get Here Early!

Here at MAPHCentral, we are gearing up for Campus Days 2017 and are excited to meet everyone this weekend! You can find an outline of the schedule for Campus Days here and a more detailed schedule here.  

If you get to Chicago before Campus Days or have some time here afterwards, or if you are a current student hosting someone and want to point out things to do and see, below are some suggested spots and activities!

Within Hyde Park

Although this weekend your focus will likely be on the University, Hyde Park as a whole has a lot to offer. To enjoy some time outside, we strongly recommend Promontory Point, the east end of 55th Street. Promontory Point provides one of the most beautiful views of the Chicago skyline and of Lake Michigan. If the weather is warm, we also recommend taking a stroll a little farther south to Osaka Garden (which is now called Phoenix Garden).  The garden was built for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and has recently been rehabbed and reopened with North America’s only art installation by Yoko Ono.

Hyde Park also has several bookstores worth browsing. We have the Seminary Co-op (which is also next to one of our favorite coffee shops, Plein Air Cafe), and its sister store, 57th Street Books. On 57th is an excellent selection of used books at Powell’s. (Also, there are often a couple of boxes of free books, of mixed quality, on the sidewalk outside Powell’s. Who doesn’t love free books?)

Hyde Park is also home to some top-notch museums and galleries. The SMART Museum of Art, UChicago’s own art museum, boasts a large collection and is currently featuring a collection of works in their current Classicisms exhibition.

For more art, venture to the Hyde Park Art Center on 51st Street. The Oriental Institute on campus has an impressive collection of artifacts from the Ancient East. The Museum of Science & Industry, which is in a building constructed for the Chicago World’s Fair, is just east of campus, near the 57th Street beach, and the DuSable Museum of African American History is just to the west.


Lastly, Hyde Park is home to the Robie House, a famous Frank Lloyd Wright house from 1910. It is right on campus (by the Seminary Co-op) and offers daily tours for 14-17 dollars.

Going Downtown

Getting downtown is pretty easy and quick (see our previous post on transportation). The #6 bus runs regularly between Hyde Park and downtown. During weekday rush hour, the #2 bus is also convenient and takes you downtown.

Downtown Chicago houses the city’s most famous piece of public art – “Cloud Gate,” more commonly known as “The Bean.” It is located in the lovely Millennium Park with other sculptures, great views of iconic buildings, the Pritzker Pavilion, Crown Fountain, and Lurie Garden and is a nice place to walk around and enjoy free art. Downtown Chicago also houses some of the country’s most prestigious museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Art Institute of Chicago (right off the #6 bus and right beside Millennium Park), which you can access for free while you’re here. Enter through the Modern Wing, and at the front desk say you’re with the University of Chicago and that there are 40 free admission passes in Maren Robinson’s name. 

Feel free to check out the Museum Campus, which has the Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum (with their excellent Tattoo and China exhibits) and The Adler Planetarium!

You Hungry? No Problem!

There are a lot of food and drink options downtown, as you might imagine. Favorite places for deep dish are Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s. (If you want to order deep dish, give yourself ample time! Deep dish takes a while to prepare!) In Hyde Park there are several good food choices, like Pizza Capri (53rd Street), Valois (Obama’s favorite restaurant), Harold’s Fish and Chicken, LSTC Refectory and Sola Cafe, Z&H Cafe and Salonica! All of these places are highly recommended by MAPH staff and Students.

If you’re eating downtown, these places are recommended by MAPH staff and students: Cafe BabaReeba  The Violet Hour, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company, and The Bar Below.


Chicago is home to more than 200 neighborhoods. Find hipster paradise (and plenty of good bars) in Wicker Park. You can visit the Zoo & Conservatory in Lincoln Park (which is free), browse a non-profit used bookstore in River North, or eat some dim sum in Chinatown.

We also recommend looking at Time Out Chicago, which you can find here. They’ll help you find various activities in the city and also have great recommendations for food and drink!

~ Your Mentors

Campus Days 2017: Transportation

Campus Days 2017: Transportation!

Hello, Prospective Students!

We’re excited to meet you all for Campus Days. But first, here is some advice for getting to Hyde Park and even exploring other parts of Chicago, if you have time. Below are our recommendations for transportation. Feel free to email us ( if you have any questions!

Get Out (of the Airport)

O’Hare: The Blue Line runs straight from the basement of Chicago O’Hare to the Loop, where you can hop on the 6 or 2 bus down to Hyde Park.

Midway: The 55 bus goes straight from Midway Airport to Hyde Park. The 55th & Ellis stop is essentially on campus, but if you’re staying a little farther east, ask your host (or Google) which stop you should disembark at. You can also jump on the Orange Line from Midway, which will take you to the Loop, where you can grab a train to another neighborhood if you are staying or exploring outside of Hyde Park.

The 6 Bus runs express to/from the Loop and 47th all day everyday and into the night (south from 5:00 am until 1:00 am and north from 4:00 am until ~midnight). It’s a quick (and rather scenic) way to get to and from downtown, dropping you along Michigan Avenue. If you’re staying outside of the neighborhood, this will probably be your bus, as it connects to all CTA train lines in the Loop.

The 2 Bus runs express to/from the Loop and 57th & Stony Island. This bus only runs during weekday rush hours, so it’s somewhat more limited. But the 60th & Ellis stop will drop you off directly across the Midway from the Classics Building (1010 E. 59th Street), home of the MAPH Office and many Campus Days events.

The Metra goes from Millennium Station to 57th and 59th street. Riding the Metra is a little more expensive than the CTA, but it is speedy and pleasant. Like the 2 Bus, the Metra’s schedule is less frequent: it’s worth looking up the Metra’s times to avoid a wait.

Getting Around: Hyde Park Edition

The 170, 171, and 172 buses travel throughout Hyde Park. The University also runs daytime shuttles that follow routes throughout the neighborhood, including to/from the Metra stations.

There is also a 53rd street shuttle that makes getting from campus to businesses and residences near 53rd & Lake Park a breeze.

The UGO NightRide shuttles will come in handy after hours. These shuttles (North, South, East, and West) run into the early morning, and will likely take you to or near to your destination if you are staying in Hyde Park. A couple of the shuttles pick up near the Logan Center, where our reception will be on Sunday evening. We’ll provide you will passes for the shuttles in the information packets you’ll receive on Sunday.


Parking on the weekend shouldn’t be a problem, though parking near campus will prove harder on Monday. If you’re driving to campus on Monday, then, we recommend you budget extra time to find a spot, as parking spots around campus tend to have disappeared by an ungodly hour on the weekday. You can usually find something on the Midway after circling around a few times, but, if that doesn’t work out, there is a free lot on 60th & Stony Island that is open 24/7 or a parking structure on Ellis & 55 (though you do have to pay for this one).

Get a Ride!

As you probably already know, ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, provide popular (and often cheaper) alternatives to cabs in cities like Chicago.

Hailo can help pin down cabs in places where it is harder to hail one, or you can head to the Museum of Science and Industry, where there is always a cab line.

Cab companies in Chicago: Yellow Cab, Flash Cab, Chicago Carriage Cab

Winter Wonder/Waste land


One third of your MAPH career is over, and it’s time to head off to winter “break”recycle

Do you have to work the ENTIRE break?  Of course not.  Do a good amount of research, but take some time to rest, relax, and recharge.  And reduce and reuse and recycle of course.  All the re-‘s


We of the MAPH office decided we would put together a little guide to the beautiful winter wonderland that is Chicago.  Sorry, scratch that….I meant to say the Grey wasteland that is Chicago.


Here are some things to do around the city.  If you will be in town, do as much as you can during the break.  If you will not be in town, maybe after break you can find some time to live as a human.  Whenever possible we are including FREE events, although there is lots of stuff that’s not free.

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IL Ballot Deets


No joke, the flag of Illinois was created by mashing the Japanese flag, the Mexican flag, and a Captain America ad together

Hey all.  In case you hadn’t heard, there is a Presidential election tomorrow.  If you haven’t been following it, the election is between a controversial Democratic ex-Senator and ex-Secretary of State who would be the first female President of the United States.  Her opponent is a controversial “Republican” ex-TV host, ex-failed businessman who would be the first literal-bag-of-eels President of the United States.

Anyways, the presidents are not the only ones on the ballot, and I wanted to give a quick and dirty explanation of some of the other stuff you should vote on.

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