Lab Members

Lab Director

Ming Xiang
PhD, Michigan State University
personal site


Graduate Students

Sanghee Kim
personal site

Sanghee is a fifth year graduate student. She works on psycholinguistics with a focus on semantics/pragmatics, and syntax. Her research interest is on language processing mechanism and computational modeling of language comprehension.

Daniel Lam
personal site

Daniel is a sixth year graduate student. He is interested in memory-based models of language processing.

Research Assistants

Sonja Chen

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students Alumni

Laura Stigliano – Humanities Teaching Fellow, The University of Chicago (personal site)

Eszter Ronai – Assistant Professor, Northwestern University (personal site)

Jeffrey Geiger – Visiting Assistant Professor, Pomona College (personal site)

Julian Grove – Postdoc, University of Gothenburg (personal site)

Helena Aparicio – Assistant Professor, Cornell University (personal site)

Andrea Beltrama – MindCORE Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania (personal site)

Emily Hanink – Assistant Professor, Indiana University (personal site)

Yaron McNabb – Data Scientist, Anchormen (linkedin)

Postdoctoral Researchers Alumni

Timothy Leffel – Research Scientist, Amazon (personal site)

Christina Kim – Lecturer, Department of English Language and Linguistics, University of Kent (personal site)

Research Assistants Alumni

Christine Gu – PhD student, linguistics, NYU

Weijie Xu – PhD student, Language Science, UC Irvine

Jiaxuan Li – PhD student, Language Science, UC Irvine (personal site)

Thomas Sostarics – PhD student, Linguistics, Northwestern University (personal site)

Josef Klafka – Software Developer, Epic (personal site)

Alex Kramer – PhD student, Linguistics, University of Michigan

Caroline Frazia – Research Associate, Conifer Research LLC (personal site)

Steve SanPietro – Data Engineer, Centro (linkedin)

Lelia Glass – Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech (personal site)

Stefan Bartell – PhD student, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, University of Delaware

Genna Vegh – DMS student, University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine

Katina Vradelis – Curriculum Specialist, NoRedInk (linkedin)

Spencer M Watts – Product Analyst, (linkedin)