Lab Members


Ming Xiang
PhD, MSU (2005)
mxiang [@] uchicago [.] edu
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cuyabeno Timothy Leffel
PhD, NYU (2014)
timleffel [@] uchicago [.] edu
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Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 11.50.06 AMHelena Aparacio
haparicio [@] uchicago [.] edu
Helena is a third year graduate student and is interested in experimental semantics and pragmatics.




Andrea Beltrama
andremormora [@] uchicago [.] edu
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Andrea is a fourth year graduate student. He is broadly interested in issues at the semantics/pragmatics interface, and specifically on the different facets of scalarity in natural language. He is currently working on two main projects in this field: (a) the processing of adjectival scalar implicatures; (b) adjective modification and intensification, with respect to both degree and non degree expressions. In addition, he is carrying out an experimental project on resumptive pronouns and island rescuing effects in Italian.


Julian Grove
juliang [@] uchicago [.] edu
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Julian is third-year grad student. He is interested in experimental studies of ellipsis, and in particular how ellipsis interacts with structural priming. He is also interested in the syntax and semantics of complex noun phrases like pseudopartitives and N-of-an-N constructions.




IMG_1396 Emily Hanink
eahanink [@] uchicago [.] edu
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Emily is a third-year graduate student and is interested in syntax and its interfaces.




Diane Rak
dkr [@] uchicago [.] edu
Diane is a third year graduate student.



Stefan Bartell

Caroline Frazia

Lelia Glass – Grad student, Linguistics department, Stanford

Christina Kim – Lecturer in the Department of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Kent

Yaron McNabb – Post-doc at University of Konstanz

Steve SanPietro

Genna Vegh

Katina Vradelis

Spencer M Watts